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starting up again - worries

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JJturk, Jan 28, 2015.

  1. soo i smoked about 7 months ago for around 2 months. I went on holiday and started having panic attacks. Was scared to smoke weed in case it made it worse, but recently ive read tonnes of articles claiming it can help with the 'fight or flight' response in the brain blah blah blah. 
    Basically going to get smoking again tomorrow, just a bit worried about overdoing. 
    what would people recommend? 
    thanks in advance

  2. roll yourself up a nice sized joint and slowly smoke it, once you feel you have had enough put it out and relight it again another day or when the high starts to come back down. 
  3. (never done this before) but would it be worth putting some tobacco in it and not just weed? 
  4. only if you actually smoke tobacco. 
  5. now and then, never with weed before though, not worried about getting 'addicted' or whatever
  6. I wouldnt smoke it mixed, if you feel the need maybe smoke a cig separate. 
  7. yeah may just smoke a joint, roll up a small one and smoke it slow, just gotta pray i dont panic 

  8. A lot of it is mind state man stay positive and good luck!
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    if your worried about it before your smoke, it will trickle even worse into your high.. if your not completely comfortable with the idea of getting high, I'd say hold off until you are. Otherwise just stick to very small doses. You'd be surprised how little it takes with no tolerances.
  10. you should be fine, maybe smoke it while watching the sunset and have some really chill music playing and have a nice drink (alco or nonalco) 
    Maybe order a pizza before you smoke it and get it delayed delivery or delivered at a certain time, and have a movie ready to put on 
  11. being honest that sounds awesome. Will obviously be nervous before hand and yeah that can effect my high but i think as soon as i start feeling it ill be very happy, who knows haha
  12. yeah hope that helps :) just take it slow and chill out 

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