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Starting To Think Im Being Played...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Mindfreek454, May 19, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone!
             I just made an account today to ask your advice.  It's been 3 weeks since last Wednesday.  3 whole weeks waiting, and waiting, and waiting, for an Oz from my D.   I fronted him the money, $350 as usual and was promised an Oz in the next couple days.  This hasn't happened before.  I've been going to my D for a little over a year now and I've come to trust him.  The most I've ever had to wait is 3 days and now I'm sitting here on day 24 wondering if this is ever gonna come through.  I've been talking to him almost daily by texts and phone calls.  Every time I think I'm about to pick up, some motherf***king thing comes up and I don't get it.  His excuses have been, "my dudes dude got arrested"  (i have no way of knowing whether or not this is true), "I went out there last night but got dicked around" (What?!).  His latest was on a day he promised I'd have it.  He was gonna pick it up from his bro, "My brothers upstairs neighbor went crazy and threatened to kill my brother, his fiance, and my nephew."  (Are you f**king serious?!).  This is either the shittiest possible time I could have ever picked to get weed or he's f**king playin me.  What do you guys think?  Also, can I openly swear my ass off?  I hate bleeping my words.

  2. Yes, swear your ass off.
    Why don't you just ask for your money back? Depending on his answer you will know if he is playing you or not.
    Do it in person and don't forget to posture and speak sternly. Unless he is a ghetto dealer, you shouldn't get killed.
  3. I think you got played to be honest because im sure if his boys got busted the police would ride the chain and end up arresting him. For your other question yes you can openly swear on the fourm since its 18+ and everyone here is an adult. Welcome to grasscity by the way!
  4. yeah you can swear openly, and I would say that you should ask for your money back, if he's legit he'll be good for it.
  5. I told him I'd have to ask for the money back at some point if I don't get that soon. He never did respond to that text.  I'm the kind of guy that doesn't trust very easliy and when something goes wrong, the worst is running through in my brain.  Within a week I was wondering if he was playin me, but I really didn't think he would do that, but now I'm wondering...We used to work together but both got new jobs along the way.  I don't see him in person often, only when I'm pickin up or fronting the cash.  I know where he lives though if things go sour.  I really don't know how much longer I can wait.  I need my trees...
    The fact that you handed this dude 350 bucks after he scammed you before is beyond retarded. Learn your lesson. Don't pick up bud if you don't participate in the transaction.
  7. He never scammed me before dude.  This is the first time I've ever had to deal with something like this.
    Beat his ass then. You got rolled, you're not getting your money back. He probably bought a zip for himself and it's currently sitting in his lungs.
    Very comfortably I might add. Be smart about it. Bring some of your good, very big friends and go knock on his door. When he answers, use a very friendly tone with a nice big smile on your face and tell him that you'd appreciate your money, the bud or items that come to a similar value + the shoes off his feet(or if he has some other nice shoes like a pair of nice Osiris brand shoes.).
    Why the shoes off his feet? So that he knows he is your bitch. And that he remembers that he fucked up trying to rob you.
  10. You fucked up. Why beat his ass? He's a dealer do you really expect him to have integrity? Yeah we all want a dealer that does but thats not always the case. IMO it's your fault for fronting him money. Should be smarter than that no matter how well you know somebody. People seem to forget that weed is still part of the black market in most places and the black market attracts unsavory people. Chalk it up as a loss and a learning experience. We've all had it happen to us at least once.
  11. never ever front money
  12. You waited 24 days??? Your money was gone before day 3
  13. never ever give money always do the deal personally
  14. Is this all you say?
  15. #16 Mindfreek454, May 19, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: May 19, 2013
    I've had that idea before. I just texted him that I want my money back. If I don't hear from him within the next couple hours, my boys and I will most definitely head down there and cause some fuckin trouble. I will get my money back any way I can.
  16. No need to cause trouble unless he wants trouble. If he is willing to work out a deal with you then and there when your boys are with you than good shit. But be smart about it. Get your money or items of equal or greater value. Don't make threats before you go. Because you don't want him to call the police. There is a good chance he is a pussy like that. If he is willing to rob you, he is willing to be a rat. A filthy disgusting piece of shit rat.
  17. say "what the fuck i gave you 350 bucks, i want that Oz" and if he aint cool with that break his fuckin teeth
  18. I fucking hate basically every dealer i have unortunatley encountered. At somepoint they have iether stood me up, ripped me off, took ages to show up, made me walk a mile or sold me some shit ass weed. And in the three years i have been smoking ive gone through about 15-20 dealers. Im so glad im growing this year, if anything its made me realise how much of a rip off their prices are. When my babies are done i would sell no less than 2g a 10, ide make the effort for my customer, afterall £10 is alot of money to buying a piece of bud and i wouldnt pull some ass hole move on them by standing them up -_-
  19. have another one of your buddies ask to buy some and go with him and with a few other dudes and demand your money back or your OZ. how you handle the situation next is completely up to you.
    i have only had to do this once and the dude bitched up and gave me my money back haha i wasn't even going to beat him up lol. 

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