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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Wootie2001, Nov 12, 2002.

  1. well it has now come time for me to beg for help from my fellow forum members...this will be my first time growing so i need to know some basic things before i start...i know newbies ask this stuff all the time but lets face it guys it still is not clear...

    i need to know what would be a good strain to start growing..i like ak-47, nevilles haze, white widow and super haze to name a few...i want something of the one hitter quitter category...i can only grow indoors at the moment so let me know what strain grows best indoors under a 65-85 degree temp.

    what brand name of soil and fertilizer has worked best for growers?

    also i already have four cool white flourescents with a fixture...will these be enough....

    another question is "is flowering the same thing as budding"

    i have been checking out and i am about to order some shows flowering time that the amount of time the plant will take to bud....
    please let me know anything and everything i need to make this a successful grow and all input is greatly appreciated....also feel free to email me at with further tips to make my mission a success...thanks and have a high day

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