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Starting TB, need advice

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Kronic420Daily, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. -age: 40
    - weight: 210 Lbs
    - height: 5'11"
    - build (skinny, average, overweight):
    skinny (only place I got a little fat is my gut)
    - amount of physical activity: Daily power walking for 1-2 hrs 2x a day
    - date of drug test: No date, preparing ahead of time, so when it comes time I pass.
    - date of last time smoke: Last night, several nugs of Top Shelf indica covered in resin from my pipe.
    - frequency of smoking (last 30 days)
    - any other info that may help.

    Every day all day, though I stopped completely today, in case that is the only way, else I'd rather smoke.
  2. Why would you put nasty resin over fresh nugs????

    Why are you doing a tolerance break?

    Why are you starting a thread?
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  3. First off asking about how I do things when I smoke as a stoner, has nothing to do with the topic, and frankly is none of your business.

    The reason that I said that is because you have to be truthful to get a real answer. If I don't say how much I'm smoking or how then how can anyone give me a real answer if I lie.

    As far as starting a thread that too has nothing to do with my question. And frankly I am new these forums so give me a break already.

    Do you have anything useful or do you just jump on posts like this for the sake of? Unless you do have useful info for me, I'm no longer paying attention to any of your replies.

    Take that however you like it, but I'm actually looking for real answers. Not someone to troll me and get me far off topic simply isn't happening.

    So please anyone with the real answer disregard that. I would like actual information.
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  4. He answered all of those questions im just confused why you are here with no help?
    It sounds like youre well off I would get a athome test then send it to the lab to get exact levels and go from there. Just drink a gallon of water through the day, take your vitamins and try to keep a good diet. I feel like you would probably need a solid two months before you could wake up and pass with first morning piss.
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  5. Makes sense will certainly do that! Thank you!
  6. There is no way we know how his metabolism works.
    If this is for a drug test, then yeah stop smoking.
    I would imagine a bowl of fresh nugs and resin piled on top will stay in the system for quite a while.
    I was on felony probation and smoked every few days and it took over 2 months for my system to be free of cannabis. Everyone's body is different.
    I am skinny and with little fat and eat a ton yet it took time to rid cannabis.

    We can't help him. Just curious as to why waste fresh nugs with the nasty taste of resin.

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