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  1. Hi everybody!

    i have been searching and reading here for a few months now, learning lots and lots of really cool stuff! i tried a small grow with two 40 watt CFLs and was an ok taste but now im ready for the real thing and i thought the best way to get through it was to start a grow journal!

    so far here is what i have going

    i just ordered a 250 watt MH light and a 400 watt HPS light, i already have a few CFLs (got the lights from and im hoping they are a legit site)

    i can get clones from a friend and i want to do a few indoors (2-6) depending on what kinda setup i come up with! also i plan on putting 8 or so outdoors in a nice spot i found.

    on top of that id like to cover the planting of random bag seeds outside to see if on the off chance that a monster female grows i could get a little extra smoke (figure its worth a try since i have the seeds)

    and possibly some experimintation with growing an outdoor shroom patch!

    well im thinking about all kinds of tihngs, bubble buckets, scrog, fimming and lst and i would love to have some experanced growers guide me though my summer of fun!

    well its 4:11 am and im out for now i will update when i get news on the lights arival!
  2. hi everyone,
    My lights are in, i just have to go pick them up at my friends house.

    right now i have 4 bag seed seedlings with 3 40w CFLs over them, im putting them on 18/6 and trying to get them a little stronger.

    also i got a 70 watt HPS flood light from home depot, its really bright but as soon as it gets going to shuts right back off, im not sure why its doing this but id like to be using it right now:confused:

    as soon as i pick up my lights(400w HPS and 250W MH) im going to get some dankbud clones from a friend of mine, i can get as many as i want so does anybody have any sugestions on what kind of grow i should do??? i was thinking maybe 2-3 really nice plants or maybe a little scrog im not really sure.

    also i am are getting ready to start bagseeds germination for outdoors, and setting up for some outdoor clones.

    i will keep posted and get some pics:wave:
  3. okay so it turns out only the HPS light came so far, i picked it up last night and tested it out, it works pretty good but the ballest buzzes pretty loud

    also i looked at my home depot light and figured out that it has a photoelectric switch on it (to turn it on at night and keep it off during the day) so i covered the sensor with black tape and now the light works great. I made an econo wing style reflector and wired the balest up remotly. if anyone is interested in this light i could do a writeup on how i did it, 70 watt HPS for 70 bucks!

    i will try to get some pictures of my progress today!:smoke:
  4. okay so i took so pictures of my setup

    my 400 watt grow light that i havnt set up yet

    my seedlings, they are a little droopy, any sugestions?


    my seedling grow area (with home depot HPS)


    the ballest for the home depot grow lights


    im working on setting up a spot to grow clones with the 400w!
  5. as far as your plants you need that fan right on them... and also seperate those plants!! once the roots get tangled they will forever be tangled lol but i like your homemade light :p +rep and show us how u built it plzz haha
  6. ive had a computer fan blowing on them, do you think that is enough?

    also how should i go about seperating them?

    ok as for there home made light i will explane what i did.

    (pics in order)
    1. the box, 70 watt outdoor flood light found in home depot for $69

    2 as you can see i have removed the light and reflector from the light body and now the body is being used to keep the ballest all together.

    3 the light does not come with a plug (it is made to be hardwired onto a box) so i attached the power cable from a power strip

    4 i cut out a piece of sheet metal to attach the light fixture to the reflector that came in the light, i also used this to provide a place for the light to hang by.

    5. another view of the lamp.

    rewireing the light is was easy it came with a few extra wire nuts, i had to add lengths of wire going from the lamp to the ballest so that i could have them further apart.

    Also make sure you put black tape over the light sensor on the side of the ballest or the light will not stay on!!!!!

    i would be happy to answer any questions if anyone wants to try to make one!

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  7. you really should get the 400w HPS in there right away. at least until your MH arrives. if i was you, i would use them both together for vegging AND flowering. also, HID lighting should NOT be used for clones as even with that lil 70 watter the intensity is too much. any sort of floruo's are ideal for cloning, so maybe use your 70 w HPS + 400 w HPS + 250w MH all the way through, and use cfls for cloning. (by the way this is just my 2 cents, but i can guarantee if you use the lights in that way you will have beautiful plants, as long as you get them into theyre own pots and the tempereature doesnt go about 85f.) looking good though! keep us posted buddy!
    Just Blaze It.....
  8. you need a bigger fan then that pc fan.... just won't cut it its not circulating enough air.... to seperate them just use your fingers and dig a circle around each one and try and pull as much dirt out from around them as you can and place in seperate planters
  9. Okay, thanks for the info about clones! the ones im going to be getting are from a guy i know who grows his own strain of very dank weed. The clones have been growing in soil for a few weeks i think, what im wondering is how long before they can go under my 400w

    i need to get some more dirt so that i can transplant those badseedlings into their own pots before they venture outdoors. this is the second day under the 70 watt HPS and they are doing alot better although i think it may be a little hot in there for their liking (you guys are right about the litttle comp fan).

    Also something i found funny is that another seed has sprouted in one of the pots making it 5 out of 5 sprouts. i didnt know it could take them that long to get out of the dirt.

    i have another bigger closet that id like to set up my big lights in but its in a room that is just getting finished and obously the last thing to be finished is the closet door, im not sure when they guy is going to come back and finish it up and i dont want to have cheech and chongs forest in there when he comes:smoking:
  10. Looks like you're heading in the right direction.. good job.

    What soil mixture are you using? It looks strange in the pictures..
  11. the soil is a mixture of spaghnum peat moss and regular potting soil, its all i had around and the peat seemed to keep the potting soil from getting to hard and crumbely

    i need to get some new soil for transplanting my clones and for these litttle guys, any sugestions?
  12. update pics-

    this is the random seedling that we thought was a dud!

    as you can see the HPS lamp is helping the bagseedlings get alot stronger!!!

  13. things are moving along nicely, today i got some bags of pro mix potting soil, 5 gallon buckets for the clones, plant food and a better fani also got the 250W MH lamp last night and have that set up now with my little HPS.

    today im going to repot the bagseedlings and work on setting up a grow box for the clones that im getting tonight or tomarow

    i will update with pics when things get rolling!
  14. okay, i transplanted them into seprate pots with the pro mix soil they where pretty droopy at first but they are already doing better and i tihnk they will be fine

    this is my current grow room


    here are the plants


  15. Looking very good. Ever picture your plants and room look better :)
  16. lookin great man.. keep up the good work
  17. HIGH All, welcome to The City 636fool....looking good....good move on the transplant, watch those Babies grow now. Time to start fingering out what to do with your room, when 12/12 comes they'll need total darkness.
  18. Thanks for the replys!

    everything is going well, exept one of the seedlings wich seems to have had a pretty rough time after transplant.

    ill post some new pics soon:wave: :smoking:

    ohh and also a question.

    when the temps are up a little and i put my plants outside, will they keep growing or just start flowering? i guess im a little unclear on how outdoor growing works
  19. sorry for the long wate on the update pics!

    it has been rainy here for awile now wich sucks because i put the seedlings in the ground a few days after my last post.

    i went to where they are yesterday and here is what they look like now:hello:





    This is what i was doing for the rest of the day

    Enjoy! :wave:

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