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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by chris, Jul 29, 2002.

  1. PLEASE help guys never grew a thing befor in my life . any advice on lighting soil humidiy you lads know will anyone share carnt get advice here in england TIGHT B******s PLEASE HELP LADS
  2. how many plants? how much room? soil or hydro?
  3. Well chris the only help i can offer to you is my grow log! use it only as a guide, not everything in it will be right as i am allways learning....double check everything before you do it.....look through past posts and you will learn a lot more....i hope this helps you.....Peace out.....Sid

    1) seed placed on damp tissue to germinate 22/05/02

    2) seed planted in miricle grow soil in a 4" pot and placed next to window 23/05/02

    3) seed sprouted and 4 leaves appeared just above the
    surface 31/05/02

    4) placed under 1 flo tube on a 18/6 light cycle 31/05/02

    5) 2 baby bio sticks inserted approx 1" each side of the plant

    6) second light applied...35w flo tube 1/06/02

    7) plant placed under 150w MH light, and plant planted deeper due to long stem because of insufficiant lighting...plant height approx 2" and put under 18/6 lighting 7/06/02

    8) plant received another 2 grow sticks and is being sprayed with cold water approx 4 times a day...plant height approx 4", and is starting to grow it's 9th and 10th leaves 9/06/02

    9) plant placed into bigger pot....approx 25cm.....and growing compost added....1 growth stick removed as started to show signs of over fert, i should never had added the baby bio sticks, as the soil has enough fert for the first 3 weeks. water has been left out for more than 24 hours to let any chlorine evaporate. 16/06/02

    10) light lowerd by 2" and kept at approx 80 degrees farenheit, and the fan has been raised to allow for the increase in the height of the plant. 22/06/02

    11) Added Tomato fert as directed on the bottle N-P-K 6-5-9 plant has started to really develop....leaves are appearing from lower leaves as well, approx height 9" 22/06/02

    12) plant has started to deteriorate slightly and at a faster rate than before....growth has been stunned and almost stopped....the new 7 leaf sprouts have started to curl in like a roll-up.

    13) Took some good advice and came to the conclusion that it is nute-lock, washed out the medium with 3/4 of the mass with clean water....just as predicted the colour was urine like, let drain throughrally, and placed back under the light. 4 Hours later and the plant has improved dramatically it is facing upwards to the light and not to the ground like before approx height 1' 26/06/02

    14) Plant is really starting to smell....purchased a glade plug in room odoriser and placed in hall at max setting and then lower to level 3....also placed bowl of vinegar in growroom to neutralise the scent. approx height 1'1" 28/06/02

    15) Bad idea with the vinegar...never again....lost half the plant due to the evaporation of it being absorbed by the leaves....put in lime to bring the ph back down, as it was reading too was at 3.5 31/06/02

    16) The lime worked the ph is now back to 6.5and the plant is a lot better and is growing very well. approx height 1'4" 3/06/02

    17) Put added strengh to the plant by attaching it to a stick as top was wavering a bit...topped it at 4 45o angle however not at the top....just slightly below as i want her to bush out more than upwards, purchased a humidity reads 50% which according to woody is ideal for the vegging stage, approx height 1'8" 6/07/02

    18) Purchased a 400w HPS light and fitted it, i will trigger flowering tomorrow, the topping was unsuccesful, need to work on that. approx height 2'9" 16/07/02

    19) Triggered flowering by puting her onto a 12/12 light cycle,the HPS light is very bright 17/07/02

    20) I have noticed a rise of 5 degees farenheit from 80 to 85 however i have been advised that this rise is o.k. as is the rise in the humidity from 50% to 30-40%.19/07/02

    21) I have noticed flowering on both plants.....more so on MJ than MJ junior, i have a feeling that MJ junior is Male....however i shall have to wait to see!! 20/07/02

    22) MJ is definetely female, i have added a flowering fert of 13-25-25 N-P-K, i tried to get something like 10-60-10 however i found it impossible to locate, however i have been advised that this be be o.k. approx height 3.06' 21/07/02

    23) MJ junior is definetely male...i pulled him out the grow room and placed in my m8's room for effect....he likes to look at it when he's 24/06/02

    24) I noticed that the leaves were drooping slightly....she's eating a lot of water now....i had to soak her through and found out that i may have been verging on another nute was yellow as presumed, a good few hours later she was back to normal approx height..4' 25/06/02
  4. THANKS sid you are the only one to offer any advice at all, being a new grower i will certainly give a go. once again THANKS . i know i am a new kid on the block and you guys+gals might be a bit wary but give us a chance lads.
  5. Well hope it all goes well for you....."May the drink keep flowing and the buds keep growing!"...Peace out.....Sid

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