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  1. Hi, I'm quite new to this starting out with a hashplant haze and some random seeds I found floating around currently have 2 65w jumbo cfls 2700k 2 24w cfls 2700k and two 75w 2ft floros 7200k (not sure if its helping but originally I was only using these and it did okay to grow the original that I took cuttings to grow my current hashplant haze)

    I'd love to get some tips and tricks I've been soaking up everything I could from forums
    Ive been bidding on a few 400w hps set up aswell but I'm curious just how much of a difference in heat it would make in a open area, I have a small enclosed bulk barn fan that I think would be perfect if needed I'm working on pictures now and I'm terrified of burning the plants up so I've just been stabbing plant food spikes in the pots is this a bad thing?
  2. Also the very tips of a lot of my leaves are turning a little brown and its bothering me what could this be?
  3. Pics would help. Burnt leaf tips are usualy one of two things, begining a nute burn or the tips got to close to the lights. Plant food stakes are not good. Before I would buy a light set up on Ebay I would be checking out craigslist for a name brand set up that you could test out before buying by plugging it in and let it run for about 10-15 minutes. When you said bidding it sounds like Ebay. What are your room temps, temps at canopy level? There are even other online websites where you can buy a light set up, I wouldnt trust a a cheap no name brand off of Ebay.
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  5. Usually brown tips means some sort of nute burn. If its minor dont worry about it. It happens. What kind of soil are you using. is a good place for lights. How much heat would a HPS generate. If its not cooled with a fan then alot.
  6. Idk if the pic shows it but there's a strong little fan in the upper right corner the soil is hyponix (so?) Porting soil

  7. What is that supposed to mean?
  8. I was a little freaked about heat so I Hung the little barn fan up
  9. You should always have a fan blowing regardless of heat issues or not.
  10. It's holding around 82 degrees is that high?
  11. Image tags aren't working for me but there's the leaves hanging

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