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Starting Out On Oil..

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by DAMOau, May 25, 2013.

  1. Hello out there and thank you for taking the time to read! First up, Im a 35 y/o guy from Australia.. I found out about my cancer last year, I have bowl cancer. Its a stage 4 colorectal adenocarcinoma with multiple metastases present in my liver. I thought I better share this and i thought here is a good place to start. I've had a few changes in life but I am very well concidering...I've had bowel surgery and now have a stoma and also have had several rounds of chemo. I hope i'm not coming off all sooky.. just want to give you a run down! :) Anyways after long concerderation I decided to give the oil a try and stop chemo for a while. I have made the oil with 95% vodka and using a strain called "great white shark". The oil looks great, has a nice golden color on a ciggarette paper. I am very up front with my doctors, and plan to tell my new oncologist ( moving to the mountians ) about my plan and that I plan on taking roughly 120- 160ml to start out over a 3 month period..Also to keep anyone interested informed if any results while taking the oil. Back in December i was quite ill due to the chemo and was told about smoking weed for nausea by a naturopath i was seeing... I did smoke when i was alot younger but had not touched it for 10-15 years... So the first time back was funny to say the least but it really worked! Much faster than the nausea pills I took... and works great for cut a long story short... the amout I  owe to the great plant is out of this world. I amost dont take ANY pills anymore and I dont know how similar it is in Australia to America or other countries but once your in the Cancer system the amount of drugs prescribed is craaaaazy!!! So in saying that...Thank you to Marijauna my already burdend liver thanks you! In summing up, I'm open to all questions/suggestions/tips/help.. I thank all of you involved in this site, theres a wealth of knowledge in here... YOU ALL ARE GREAT!!  Cheers \\m/ 

  2. you can do it, keep it up. You will be healed in a 3 months ;). How much money did you spend on weed and how much time did it take you to make it?
  3. Welcome I hope your treatment plan is successful!
  4. OK, let me see if I got this.
    You have colorectal cancer metastasized to your liver,have had chemo and you are worried about coming off sooky?
    You could whine like a six year old girl and nobody would say a damn word. You have earned the right.
    Keep on doing what you are doing and keep us posted.
    And yeah, the cancer industry is complete bullshit.
  5. wow hope the oil does the trick, i'm sure it will
    keep us updated thanks for tellin ur story sharin with the world and stuff
    don't forget to do an extra dab for all of us haha
  6. Hey there, not sure if anyone is reading this but i thought i'd better continue! So I met another oncologist just the other day... was nice to have a fresh face and some very positive feedback.. Initally he wanted me to continue with treatment ( chemo ) but i stuck to my guns and later on in the disscusion he actually patted me on the back and said to continue what i am doing and I'll get another ct scan in 4 weeks. I'll let you know what results to compare from the last scan All in all it was the most positive experience i'ver had with a Dr. since being unwell. My bloods are showing that the tumours are hovering around 3.2 CEA  count with aparantly is normal... They were at 179 when i was first diagnosed....... So that was pretty Rad to hear... Also been feeling like ive got more energy.. focused more and basically feeling quite well... I did have a little set back which landed me in hospital again but this time was my own stupid fault. I have a electric skateboard that spat me off onto the concrete a little harder than expected ( worst slam in years) stayed in hospital for 2 nights... anyway i'm bouncing right back from that and getting back to feeling much better again!!!  I've just ran out of my oil supply but i have a friend who is growing and will be ready in a couple weeks.. Hopefully nothing changes too much between now and then. I feel very positive about what i'm doing and have met so many amazing people though this and other related sites that are having some great changes/results and who knows???? Well, cheers for reading... thanks to evryone here especially granny for her great insight and willingness to share such vital and usefull info!! love to you all!! P.S. Its winter here in Australia.... I love snow, so do your snow dance and give us a cracker of a winter!!  :)
    Sounds good man!! Please keep giving us progress updates  :lol:
  8. So.... After a long wait and a bit of confusion, I'm back on the oil!! Had a very good result with making it. .. Heading for a scan on Friday now.. Was supposed to go today but delayed... (We have snow NOW!!! !!;-) honestly I'm a little spooked about this one cause I've had such a long break from both..chemo and trialling oil and I kinda lost my way a little thinking it was a stupid move but now I'm back on I feel confident I'm doing the right thing! Anyways, pretty sure this has become a dear diary with just myself here but I guess it's good to write this stuff too! \\m/
  9. Cheers for all the good vibes folks! Not dire if u guys still read it? The weed cost me $3000 for a pound... and i used basically pure alcohol I eat pretty much a vego diet
    , some fish!! Juice a bit!! Things are good! I went hiking and snowboarding yesterday! It was rad fun !... Well just wanted to say thanks !
    "Do more of what makes you happy!!!"
  10. keep it up.
    you sound good.
    stay positive
  11. Wow, I don't know how I missed this thread.
    Wishing you all the strength and courage to continue fighting. Granny and others gave some thoughtful advice in this thread, not sure if you saw it or not.
    Anywho keep on keeping on, Blade. :smoke:

  12. You seem like such a great guy. I'm happy for you, and I'm sending good vibes your way!

    I'd also like to know how your oil treatment works out. I would like to be able to have the confidence to tell my family members and loved ones to consider MMJ for cancer treatment. Maybe with enough evidence they'd believe it.
  13. Thanks so much!! I plan on letting all know what happens either way... I'm mentally prepared for almost anything now!!! There does seem to be a gathering pile of strong evidence that may help convince people! We can only hope.. I'm glad to have helped if any? Peace!
  14. Hey man, best of luck and lots of courage to you. I hope your plan works, keep us posted!
  15. Don't forget to keep us posted, esp. with your scan results.
  16. So after being a bit nervous about this scan, turned out I had nothing to worry about.. Nothing had changed, some fluid had decreased and none of the tumors had done anything.. Getting some bloods to back that up with those results in a day of two! But overall I feel confident in what I'm doing, considering I had had no " treatment "
  17. Just thought I'd add this.... . Im taking aprox 1gm of oil daily.. Split over two caps.. I feel like I could up the dose a little to maybe 1.5gm. Worth trying I guess.. The snow has finally come, so it's been nice to get out and have a ride! Due for bloods again in a few weeks to monitor what's happening and keep a watch on the Tumour marker( CEA) im keen to get another scan done around the same time to see if there is any movement.. I've not one booked but I might see about getting a referral
  18. Hey man, how you keeping up? Hope you're feeling better and enjoying life and the snow over there!
  19. #19 matt22550, Jul 27, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 27, 2013
    Howd the oil treating yah? You sound like your doing pretty fine..Im curious. Do the capsules medicate you like smoking or more of an edible feel?Stay up and feel better!Sent from my LG-MS770 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  20. Hey ak84! Yeah bro im doing really well, snow has been fun! Thanks bud, hope your enjoying life too!!
    Matt I guess at first they handed my ass to me... I kinda took too much to start out with... Super stoned!! A full body/ head stone and could not concentrate.. Sorted that out and eased my way into it... Now im taking just over 1gm a day and it just makes me a little sleepy.. Sometimes I just let go and iI'll crash out, other times I'll push through and go about my day very normally! I usually have half in the morning and half in the evening.. Some days I take another in the middle of the day.. Each capsule is aprox .5gm - .6gm of oil!

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