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  1. Hey guys!

    I'm starting an online headshop, with that I'm attempting to make all of our smoking supplies as cheap as possible!

    But another thing I've been trying to do is come up with ideas for funky things to sell on the site I.E frosted bongs, psychedelic style grinders that I paint myself etc.

    Just wondering if there's anything you haven't seen on other sites that would be a good addition? I've also got a page on there for special orders; find something cool/a bong from a film/a picture you found on a website and I'll try to find you one for a good price!

    We will also be doing competitions on our Facebook +twitter pages, can post the info on request!
    Thanks for your time peeps!
  2. I always wanted to be able to find a nice looking grinder since most of the ones I see have a really ugly logo that also has a pretty ignorant slogan lol so yes I'm interested if the designs are made from you lol

  3. Every online head shop I've ever been on always doesn't just sell smoking related items they always seem to sell sex toys lol, if you don't sell sex toys I'll be impressed
  4. I'll take note of your name and inbox you when I get some pictures of what I'm thinking! But cheers for the input!
  5. Looool no sex toys from me! I want it to cater to smokers as much as possible, was even thinking about encorporating a mini forum/chat and maybe a blog where I review certain bongs/pipes etc. That would be in the "pricey" range
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  6. Just a heads up, you are probably not going to get a lot of tips on starting an online headshop, on the forum of an online headshop...
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  7. Posting the information would be considered advertising or self promotion. Only 420 Network members may do that (There is a link on the bottom of most pages).

    Please do read the forum guidelines, as you promised to do.
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  8. so another grasscity, just shittier than even this site
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  9. Not really looking for tips, rather asking what people would like to buy, call it marketing research
  10. Ya can't say that when you haven't seen it!
  11. Cheap cool painted / stickered lighters

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