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  1. Hey so my plan is to grow 2 plants in a bublepoics dwc.


    15 gallon tote with two 6 inch holes for net pots. Air stone is going at the bottom to aireate water.Nutrients come in at the end. i don't know what to use in the net pots. Any advice?

    ^ grow station is set i think. any advice to help out grow will be appreciated.


    i don't know where to get the light fixture but i want to do a CFL grow. i know to use one warm and cool with light bulb i got a 3 foot length and 5 foot height closet to grow in.

    any advice where to buy a light fixture?

    then it comes to the odor...

    i don't know when the plants start to smell but i'm guessing during the flowering stage. i really need help. I don't want to stink up my whole block. any advice on what to use?

    the air ventilation is unknown i am going to keep the closet door closed and 2 small 4 inch fans on the inside but i don't know how to get carbon dioxide inside.

    then it comes to the seeds. i dont want to get no bumm seeds from schwag or what not i want good quality seeds. any web sight that is reliable and discrete that you guys know about?

    ohh almost forgot the mylar. where can i get some?

    no credit cards are being used so i need stores like home depot etc.
  2. use expanded clay in the net pots

    plants need roughly 18k-20k lumens to grow nice (less will work but not the best results), blue for veg, red/orange for flower.

    now keep in mind that CFLs have very poor light penetration. so it might be a good idea to prune off the hidden leaves so the plant dosent waste energy using them, trim off the bottom portion of leaves when the plant is mature, look up super-cropping and LST.

    yet the beauty of CFLs is that you can angle them and move them where ever, such as flanking the main cola(s).

    you can buy pre-wired sockets with reflector for like...5-7 bucks (walmart), you can just plug these in and suspend them above the plant. big tip, buy several extra bulbs so you can do like 70%-80% blue and the rest red lights for veg and when time to flower just switch it vise-versa.

    what i did is i had a two feet long, 4 bulb, t5 floresent fixture with all cool bulbs with 3CFLs (red). during flowering change the cool t5s to warm...thats pretty simple
    Air filtration is tricky since idk your house here are some ideas
    ionic filtration
    activated carbon bags in front of the fans
    O2 generators
    seeds can be bought online from several shops, just remember to use a prepaid card, never ship to grow address and do not make a single order more than like...120ish bucks USD
    Buy feminized marijuana seeds and cannabis seeds from Amsterdam - high quality marijuana seeds (cannabis seeds)
    Mylar can be bought online or grow shops, but if you cant get Mylar, dont use Foil or any off brand. your best bet is just plain MATTE white paint
    i hope this helped at all

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