Starting new grow....looking for advice

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by JBstrd, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. starting a grow in the coming weeks. My space is 1.2m height and 0.77m wide with 0.53m depth..which works out just about 0.5m2. I have planned to use 2 200w cfl's.

    I have grown before in a similar sized space with a 400w hps and had pretty decent results having five plants in there.

    So my questions are how many plants to put in there and is 400w of cfl enough?

    Also any strains that would work well in this space and with this lighting?

    Any advice would be greatly apreciated

  2. well first off how many plants do you plan on growing in the space? and if its more then 2 id say get more cfls are you sure there 200 watt or is that just there incandescent eqivilant? well anyways if you do id say try to get at least 100 watts per plant or just do 10,000 lumens per plant which ever takes less light!
  3. im not sure about the incandesant wattage... and i want to have 4 or 6 plants in there.

    this is the system im looking at and it only says 200w cfl's nothing else...i need more information...

    if i need to invest in more cfl's then so be it...
  4. Those are really 200 watt CFL' should B fine
  5. ya those lights are good, i tihnk you could probly squeeze in 5 plants maybe 6 if you can get them close nough together. other then that its good!
  6. thanks guys.

    so in the space i have these lights should be sound.

    what about the plant number....could i squeeze eight in there???


  7. sorry...a little stoned didnt see you said 6 plants bro....



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