starting my own business, need a name

Discussion in 'General' started by rollanotherone, May 16, 2010.

  1. not really sure where on the forums this would go, here seemed the best bet.

    this summer me and my bud are playing with the idea of opening a craft fair booth. i recently got into making hemp jewelry, and i'm having a lot of fun with it so why not profit off of it? also gonna sell other misc stuff. have a hook up with a really good glass blower so might work something out with selling some pipes and what not as well. basically we'd be a headshop without the store front i guess.

    anyway, that's the back story. i'm looking for help with a creative name, i figured you guys would probably be a good place to turn to. any ideas?
  2. rollanotherone would be a good name. I'm so original.
  3. the hemp factory haha
  4. im not so creative with names...hence my username (its my actual name). However, my friend does the same thing you want to do. You should look into selling your jewelry at concerts and different events. Vendors make a good amount of money off stands they have setup at random events throughout the states. its a good way to network as well.

    Just sit down, smoke a couple bowls and really think about how you want to advertise your merchandise and how you want to be viewed through the eyes of potential consumers. The naming of the business can go a long way believe it or not.

    Sounds like a good idea though, however it is very time consuming. I've seen jewelry made. Actually i've only seen like the wire jewelry crafted. takes alot of time and alot of patience. Its very profitable though, especially if you can get a hook up with a store that you buy your wares from. buy in bulk and get yourself a nice discount. im going to school to major in business and public relations so if you need any further help i can try and work with you. Best of luck though, the world is your playground.
  5. haha yeah i'm not too good with names myself, mine's a lyrical reference. i don't know any vendors personally, but i do live in a pretty big city that has a lot of different craft fairs and flea markerts every weekend. prices for the booths range from $15-$50 a day, i know there's discounts for yearly rentals but considering this would be our first year and our first business experience we're not sure if we want to commit to that without knowing exactly how well our stuff would do.

    one of the name ideas i was just throwing around that i really like is "happy daze," but a google search tells me that isn't too original...though i like it so what does it really matter? there's nothing local that has the same name,'s just a first idea thing though.

    and as far as the time and that in check. i enjoy doing it anyways; i've been just zoning out doing it while watching weeds, which i'd normally just do while laying back so it's not taking out any time really. just a hobby i'd like to turn into a profit. doesn't really take as long as you'd think either, probably about 30mins to an hour to make one necklace. we haven't really discussed prices since this is still in the beginning/"idea" stage, but they can go from anywhere to $10-$20 a pop. i wouldn't mind making $10 an hour on something i enjoy...although that doesn't factor in the time it'd take to sell them, but i also think that would be a fun experience.

    just show up baked, blast a boombox and probably meet a bunch of sweet people. sounds like a good deal to me.

  6. There's already one of those Broski. In Gatlinburg, TN. :D
  7. Tha Professor Inc.

  8. Lol, i would go with this. :hello:
  9. "don't worry, be hempy"

    that's all I've got haha, way too tired to be creative

  10. haha that wouldn't be bad if it weren't so long.
  11. I know you don't want it to be too long but I came up with
    "The Higher Things In Life
    Idk maybe i only think its good cus i came up with it

  12. i like that. happy daze is cool too. don't worry that other people use the name if your just setting up a booth.

    i've picked out a few biz names that are still being used.. i can't think right now, gotta come back later when i'm high :D
  13. The Pursuit of Hempyness
  14. how about

    "(insert name here)'s jewlery"
    "Hemp products hand made in (insert town here)"
  15. "Hemp 4 us"
    use both your last names an come up with sumthing cool
    an use it as "__________ Hemp craft and misc."
    I dunno
    lol, im highg

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