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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by mr_brady2003, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Hey I have some great white shark feminized seeds and I was wondering if I could grow them indoors for 4-6 weeks then take it outdoors after the last frost. (Im in ON canada).

    Will the plant grow normally once outdoors and flower at the usual time or does the plant flower once its a certain age?

  2. Unless its an auto flowering strain, the plants will grow normally and will begin to flower sometime after the daylight cycle begins diminishing.(Usually July/August) If you put 4-6 week old plants in the ground outdoors you will have a nice start on a good crop. I say go for it.......and good luck.
  3. Isnt great white shark an auto strain? Or do they just have an auto for it.
  4. Right on, so the larger I grow it indoors will result in a better crop. It says on the package that it can yeild 1000g /meter squared..dont know if that bullshit but it would be nice :D

    thanks again
  5. Just wondering the longest some GC members have grown indoor before bringing them outside for the spring??
  6. You have to be careful however... if you use a long light schedule indoors e.g. 24h there's a good chance your lady will flower when you move her outdoors, but will revert to veg in a couple weeks.

    To lessen that chance check out

    You put in your location, and it tells you how many hours of light you get at that location. You can adjust your indoor schedule to that, thus when you move outdoors you're giving them the exact (roughly) same sunlight schedule.
  7. Just curious if you start plants out on 12/12 would they only flower when you start reducing the light cycle?

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