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  1. I went into trucking a year ago, and got out of it because of my rapidly deteriorating health. Trucking is basically an early death sentence, so I am back to working in a factory.

    seeds: super lemon haze

    Equipment I have:

    400 watt HPS/MH ballast
    400 watt MH bulb
    400 watt HPS bulb
    Light reflector
    2' x 4' x 6' darkroom
    carbon filter capable of handling 200 cfm
    267 cfm 4" duct fan
    Digital timer


    rockwool cubes
    4" aluminum duct
    small fan for air circulation
    4" duct muffler
    DIY bubble bucket(x2) w/ resevoir:
    have: air pump, air tubes, bubble stone
    need: black bucket(x3), aluminum tape, misc pvc parts for water level/drain/flow


    1 bottle organic flora bloom
    1 bottle bat guano
    pest soap


    1 bottle flora micro
    ppm meter
    ppm calibration solution
    ph meter
    ph meter calibration solution
    ph up/down solution


    I'm thinking of getting a wet/dry shop vac to drain my reservoir when I switch between veg/flower nutrients.

    Going to follow the Lucas Formula, but modify it slightly to use 2 ml of bat guano.

    Going to order the rest of the parts I need on Monday. Hopefully I can get started up by Friday.

    Will add pictures later.

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