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  1. Hey hey GC coco nuts,
         Was having low temp issues with my veg room and design issues in my flower room, so I have been renovating and redesigning and decided to start over from scratch.
    This time around I started with a fresh 5 pack of Ace of Spades from TGA Subcool. Unfortunately only one of the seeds survived after being transplanted into Solo cups. My fault or not, I am not positive, but it is what it is. 
    Currently I am using a local coco/perlite mix from a great Hydro shop here in Oregon called Bionix #5.
    I am also giving the lucas coco formula a spin just for shit's and giggles. Currently at 4ml Micro, 6ml Grow, 5ml CalMag/gal and by the end of the week I expect to be up to the full 6/9 Micro/Grow ratio. 
    I also am giving another product by flying skull a whirl called z7 which is a water cleaner and PH stabilizer that I have heard nothing but rave reviews from unbiased fellow growers.
    Current light is a Sun Blaze 2ft 4 lamp T5. 
    Initial PH for the first week was 6.1 and have since worked it down to 5.8 with daily feedings.
    Had gotten a little burn on the first set of leaves with the first feeding, but that has all seemed to work itself out. I also spotted a single thrip this morning, which makes a vein in my forehead protrude, but I will be treating that with some spinosad so I am not too worried.
    This is 19 days from being transplanted into the coco. Please let me know if any of you have any feedback, bad or otherwise.


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  2. They look good man, (you live and you learn) you can always try again, and again. have fun doing it!!!!!
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    Thanks Mstudy. I'm not too worried on the loss or the forced room redesign. As you said it's a learning experience. 
    I will just end up raping this lone survivor for clones to get my stock back up to where it was previously. 

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