starting flowering without sexing... help.

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  1. I just flicked to 12/12 and then read up somewhere that i can get a hermie if i flick without a plant sexing or something, these are 4 FEM Northern Lights and they are more than ready to flower, do you think i should wait longer for them to sex first? thanks.
  2. Whoever told you that was either misinformed, or lied to you. You don't get herms from putting your plants into 12/12 too soon. You get herms because of bad growing techniques.

    If your girls are more than ready to put into 12/12 as you say, then do it! I put all my 12-12 plants (I grow auto-blueberry too which isn't 12/12) into 12/12 after 10 days of vegging. They take a little longer to show sex, but I found that it's quicker, with just as much of a yield, than if I veg for 4 weeks.
  3. thanks bud, yeah they are more than 50cm at the moment and ready as can be. check out the grow ill update when we start getting stinky. :D thanks.
  4. Switching to 12/12 early doesn't make it flower any earlier. Some believe it takes slightly longer because the decreased light not only makes it grow slower in height, but it slows maturation too. The only reason most people go 12/12 early is to keep a real tall growing sativa in line. Or they're growing in a very confined space.
  5. I really don't know if I agree with this. I can 12/12 a plant that is two weeks old, and it will take about 10-14 days to show pre-flowers. I can take the same seeds of the same plant, and let it beg for 4 weeks, and it will take 7-10 days to show pre-flowers.

    Honestly, the only difference is, you will get more of a bush, to have more bud spots if you let it veg longer. That is the only difference I have ever seen.

    As far as turning the lights off to slow a Sativa, I guess that logic holds, but when you switch the light to 12/12 that sativa is going to stretch like crazy until she starts flowering.

  6. Question... You say you switch to 12/12 after 10 days of vegging. Is that 10 days from the initial sprout?

  7. Yes, I consider day 1 to be the day they say, "hello world!" and pop out of their soil or other growing medium.
  8. I was forced into sacrificing 3 smaller plants in my unit to flower the large plant...bad planning, but it worked out great!

    The 3 plants were only 3" tall when they were forced into the 12/12 to give their lives for their older sister who needed to flower....

    The 3 little plants started growing rapidly and ugly with big over sized 3 leaf about 2 weeks these little ugly plants were about 12" tall.....this is when I decided...WOW! an I put them back into 22/2.

    A week later they started letting the ugl[​IMG]y 3 leaf branches fall and bushed out to be beautiful ladies...

    So, I accidentally discovered that you can force the 12/12 to stimulate gro[​IMG]wth, go back to Veg state and flower when ready....[​IMG]
    Pic attached of one such lady....who is ready

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  9. O.k., but it does CAUSE them to flower due to hormones released.

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