Starting back up after a few years

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  1. I have started up the Operation again and may as well be a beginner. I have only 2 real crops under my belt and for the life of me I cant remember what I need to do at this point.
     many of the plants have shown sex now and from seed its been just over a month.  I am wondering if I can switch them to flower now or if I need to give the girls more Veg time.

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    At this point you can continue to veg as long as you have enough light to cover them once they begin flowering. If you are unsure then i'd err on the safe side and flip now. You'll also have some nice buds sooner and in turn, be able to start some more
  3. cool cool, I have about 18 more to get bigger and show sex before I flower what I have. they only have till the end of this month.
  4. going with 22 plants  now and I have switched to 16- 8 and hopefully I will be on 12 -12 in a week
  5. installed an irrigation system, .5 gph with a 130 gph pump on it. should be interesting!
  6. I am going to say that I am in week 3 of flowering and I think I may have some autoflowers that are done.
    time to bust out the ole scope and take a look
  7. 3 weeks? Somethings wrong. Nothing finishes in 3 weeks. good luck.
  8. they looked done, they were flowering way before my light switch. I just made some butter out of them.
    I have harvested the rest of the eight plants and I think it was just over 6oz. its been about a month since harvest and she is sinks so good and the smoke is better then the best I can find around here. 

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