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Discussion in 'General' started by smokinokie, Dec 22, 2002.

  1. Much talk about getting a heated discussion going on so I'm gonna make an attempt here.

    Would pot be as much fun if legal?

    Would weed have the same mystique if you could go to Quick Trip and buy your weekend stash?

    Sometimes I think if the small element of danger was'nt there, ( I don't indulge in dealing) , it just would'nt be the same!

    I've smoked for 25 years. Never been busted, or even close to it once. I've learned the procedure on transporting, I'll sometimes deliver to friends and don't even hardly give a second thought about getting caught. I even talked to the local deputy about football with an Oz. in my coat pocket!

    I've learned the art of being discreet.

    By most of the school, and townsfolk around here I'm a regular John Q. Citizen.

    If activism were to kick into to high gear around my area, we would probably have about 4 people show up.

    There are alot of smokers around here, but we are still a major minority.(conflict of terms?)

    I coach a 4th and 5th grade girls basketball team. I usually have a hit or two before practice and games. I'm well liked by almost all of the parents. They bought me a watch at the end of last season! I would go down in flames and be excommunicated if I admitted to getting high!

    The tokers would love to speak out, but this part of the country is run by oil and the Baptists. There is just too much to lose. Maybe some day the political landscape will change and it would be possible. But now, it would be financial and employment suicide!

    And, it's an inherent human trait to be a bad boy every once in awhile.

    Why not get high as your BAD boy time?

    Don't amount to hill of beans to me if it's legal or not.

    Ladies and gentlemen, the floor is open.

    Oh, yeah, just so I'll know later, this was my 500th post!

    *does a little 500th POST DANCE*
  2. im with you on this.. you can get away with so much more behind society's back than you could if bud was legal.. i mean i would still have fun if it was, but its kind of fun just outsmarting people, you know? :smoking:

    plus, who the fuck really wants a McWeed down the street?

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  3. I personally like the element of danger that comes with marijuana being illegal. I have a professional job so I can't shout to the world that I smoke weed because then I would lose my job, be homeless, and the southern baptists around here would tie me to a stake!!!!!! LOL.

    But seriously.......the underground usage of marijuana is what makes us stoners a tight (and usually mellow and loving) community. The only thing that bothers me is that you will get more jail time for the possession of marijuana than you would if you shot and killed a family.

    But still yet, on the other hand.........when its dry as hell around here, thats when I really wish it was legal because the road trip from hell just to find a decent bag gets tiresome at times.

    So I guess there are good and bad points to weed being legalized!!!! As long as I have my weed to smoke, thats all that matters!!!!!

    ***I do hope that kinda made sense and some sort of point was brought about!!!! LOL. Peace and love to everyone!!!!!
  4. i had a well thought out reply..but couldnt remember that..imagine that...

    i think we should debate about those eyes in smokys trees
  5. the thing i HATE most about weed, even more so than the bad lungs etc, is the fact that it is ILLEGAL, and i could be sent to jail for smoking a fucking plant!! its simply not fair, i am not hurting nebody by peacefully smoking my weed... why should i go to jail becos im smoking a plant?

    so hell yeah weed would be more fun if it were legal, imagin being able to toke up and grow ur own without any worries of ur door being kicked down... imagin being able to walk down the street with a nice fat doobie in ur mouth without having to worry about being arrested....

    and imagin all the people weed can help if it were legal, all the medical patients who otherwise wouldnt be able to get legal weed to cure their pain would be able to readily access their medicine...

    so yeah gooooooo gooo goooooooooo legalisation!

    i am not into weed becos its illegal, i am into it becos it is the best plant ever
  6. i was gonna say somethin like that

    when weed becomes legal, the first thing im doing is buy doritoes and little debbie stock
  7. I don't enjoy the element of danger. I have been doing this 16 years and haven't been busted...I'm knocking on wood here...but I do get concerned about what would happen if I were to get caught and it would suck so bad all the way around.

    I want decriminilization simply for the fact that it's wrong for stoners to be living their lives in jail and something needs to be done soon to keep that from happening to so many more people. Of course, if it were legal than that would take care of that. I just don't see legalization happening without decriminilization coming first.

    I would think that I would have more fun if I didn't have to be concerned about Officer Joe being overzealous and busting my ass.
  8. IMO I would like to see it decriminalised. I don't really think it should be straight out legalised.

    If it were decriminalised to where we could have small amounts in our homes and on our properties that would be great.

    There are already to many alcoholics on the road taking other peoples lives because to much is never enough. I would like to see the law read......................

    What ever you do on your property is A OK as long as your not hurting anyone. Poeple who drink and drive or smoke and drive............ I just don't like it!

    I have son's and a daughter that I couldn't stand to loose because someone was a little drunker than they should have been or a little to high...........

    I have cleaned up wrecks fopr a wrecker service in my area. I have seen kids and adults that were mangled and killed because some drunk or person that was high decided to drive and they were intoxicated to the point they couldn't walk much less drive. Just something to think about.......

    Not all people are responsable users...... Keep that in mind

    One more thing..........Just like alcohol............. if it was decriminalised or legalised........The people who would use and drive should be arrested..

    Just my views and nothing against anyone here on the city.
  9. ~Legalize it ~ To the tune of the Reggae song ;)
  10. I like having to have less and less valid paranoia. In a utopian world, theyre would be a plant in every yard. =)

  11. ...another heated debate

    The first cloned human! WTF is that! I don't know what you guys think but to me it's unethical. Science has officially surpassed God! LOL
  12. My mom brought up some good questions about it:

    -will it have a soul
    -will it go to heaven?

    I said of course it will, it's a human being, isn't it? The only question I had about it really was, is it a test-tube baby?

    Could we clone celebritites? and maybe buy them? Lol, it might seem far-fetched but in maybe fifty years they might make a clone of Sandra Bullock. Could the clone be our slave/servant? Would/should we care about the clones? Will Shaq be working at McDonalds in 100 years? Could we clone people that have died? Say, clone George Washington to bring back someone with his characteristics and exact dna or whatever. Reminds me of the anime "Ghost in the Shell". The major said "overspecialize and you breed in weakness.
  13. Once again I think mankind is cruising into an area best left to supreme being's, or the fates, whichever you prefer.

    This one of those things that started out as Sci-Fi and seems to have happened, back close to 30 years ago, when I was a young lad in school, there was'nt even any hint about making humans without normal conception and birth, other than "test tube babies", a bit of joke at the time.

    What if it's one of the seminal powers of the universe that we grow and change as we go down thru the generations? What happens if we start to recreate persons that the powers that be have decided to create only once. All of sudden the fundamental nature of the universe is messed with and nothing is ever the same?

    Maybe this has already happened.

    Maybe it's part of the fundamental nature of the universe to keep things never the same?

    Oh my.

    Now I've thrown myself into a conundrum!

    BTW, some of the cloning experts are crying BULLSHIT as to the validity of this claim. Time will tell if it's true or not, I suppose.
  14. I just heard that there isn't any proof to it yet.
  15. I cloned mtself at one time but i had to kill it........I couldn't stand top be in the same room with it.....Just too much like myself!!!!!

    clonning is wrong in my opinion. Unless it's MJ.
  16. Is it wrong to kill your own clone, Bud Head? It doesn't seem wrong.

    I think that they are running DNA tests on Baby "Eve" to see if she is indeed a clone. It's supposed to take about 8 days. There are 3 others pregnant with what they say are clones. The thing is that the chemist who started all this is some kind of high priestess in a religious sect, the Raelian sect, and they believe that life on Earth was created by extraterrestrials through genetic engineering.

    I personally am not for it. I think it's a mistake to mess around with nature like this and you never know what the true consequences of something like this can be.
  17. Is it wrong to kill your own clone, Bud Head? It doesn't seem wrong

    Clone yourself and see how long it takes for you to decide it's NOT a good thing. You find out that people know what they are talking about when they call you an asshole!!!!
  18. i dont really care, i look at it two ways..

    Holy fucking god what are these maniacs doing..


    maybe we discovered this technology for some unforseen reason...things happen for reasons i believe, just depends on what kinda mood im, maybe were supposed to know about cloning.
  19. They were saying on the radio that cloned animals have enlarged organs and deformitites.

    I got mixed up, some cloned babies in Florida might be a fraud, and not the mutant Eve.
  20. Namron, I simply gotta have your avatar! Did you find it that way or did you add the smoke?

    I wanna make a scooby avatar that smokes (and you already chose the most likely stoner of them all too!).

    Hell yeah! If you take away the paranoia....... I wouldn't even know how to handle myself being able to walk around with the attitude that "yeah officer... I'm stoned!"

    No mystique anymore... but you will have already established yourself as a "bad" boy or girl. So then you'd have the mystique yourself.

    Plus, I'd trade mystique for paranoia any day.

    It's all about attitude. If you're all paranoid then you'll look suspicious.

    This is so naughty.... I can't believe I'm typing it...

    A few years ago I stopped by the local cemetery (hey, there's a lovely view and it's USUALLY pretty private) to do a line of coke on a cd case....... when all of a sudden I noticed a cop car stopping behind me.

    I put everything out of view very calmly (hoping the officer wasn't there looking right at me) and acted like I didn't even notice his car behind me. I acted like I was enjoying the "view" when the officer appeared at my window wanting to know what I was doing there.

    I explained that I had just gotten out of work and I was relaxing before I had to be at the staff meeting that was scheduled shortly. He didn't really look like he was buying it at first (but not too bad for such short notice on my part), but after I did my best liar face, looking him straight in the eye, he accepted it and asked me for my ID.

    While he was checking my ID I looked down and there was a fuckin' half ounce right there in the little pocket of the driver's door. Good fucking thing he didn't come up on the passenger side.. or have a partner!

    The officer came back, gave me my license and shit, and said "have a nice day".

    I drove away calmly.... not seeming to need that line after all to get a rush!

    It was nice to be able to have extra confidence knowing I didn't have a record. You can pretty easily act your way out of something (unless you were caught red handed) if you have no record and cooperate.

    Woohoo! You go!

    So true!


    And... you tryin to start something here!? lol


    I think I'm in the minority on this one. I don't think it's playing "god" any more than other things we do to prolong our lives, or shorten them. (Even though I realize it's not a direct comparison. Cloning = creating new life asexually)

    But remember, cloning isn't such a monstrous thing. Identical twins are clones of each other (natural clones). They result from nothing more than a few stem cells that divide into 2 organisms before birth.

    Cloning after birth means you take a cell from an adult and perform god's "magic" to it to revert it to a stem cell (and this is where I believe we are having the trouble) which will then grow into another person. (Kinda makes ya feel like an animal again, no?)

    So a successful clone would be really nothing more than an identical twin that was born 20 or so years after you (or 1,000,000 for that matter).

    I think we stand more to lose by banning such research than we do living with **gasp** identical twins that aren't the same age!

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