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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by johnnyappleweed, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. okay, so i deseeded my stash and decided to grow my own. i put the seeds in a moist paper towel to start them and most of them have sprouted, but only a little. any tips, suggestions, things i should do? i know i should put them in a cup with soil, then transplant it to a pot, but lighting and fertilizer i am totally confused on. any help would be greatly appreciated!! i will probably post pics soon if anyone wants.
  2. Welcome to the forum mate. There are a LOT of valuable sticky topics posted all over the boards. I really suggest spending a couple days reading all you can. There are some great journals . . Arseface, Naughtydread, gr0wer, blazin420, Tetrahydrocanna, Swaenk and myself have ones going at the moment . . among others.

    Tons of useful info either read or use the search bar, after that ask questions about what you are confused about.

    Grandpa's basic grow guide is a good start as well, use this link . .

    Good luck and keep growin' . . .

  3. Thanks Gg. I've already looked at grandpa's grow guide and a couple others. Im just afriad of screwing up too bad. haha
  4. What sorta lights do you have? And what type of soil?
  5. well i still need to buy lights. i dont have a lot of money so i was just going to buy regular fluoros for the time being. should i buy other lights? i have some scotts soil with osmocote, and some regular soil with time released plant food. which one should i use?
  6. Flouros work, they're what I use. If you can afford it though, look for 'HPS' (High Pressure Sodium or High Pressure System...I forgot) lights. They're expensive but the people that grow with them will swear by them.

    And no no to that time relase stuff. You want to avoid that. Just get rich black soil with perlite (Peat moss) in it for drainage. That's your best bet.
  7. well i had to put them in cups today. i can only go get my flouros saturday because thats when i have a ride. i started probably about ten seed, put three in cups, and put the other seven outside. dont really think the outside ones will grow, but hey, you never know. i put the cups in the back of this entertainment center thats painted all black, under this long bulb. i dont think its a flouro, but its the best i can do. i hope they hold over.
  8. somebody correct me if im wrong but i think you have to keep the seeds on a 24/0 light cycle for the first few days which means keept the light on em for 24 hours a day for the first couple days until they start to grow
  9. Well as I found out from Mom, you shouldn't really keep the light on it 24/7. The plant needs time to get rid of all the things it doesn't need, and it can't do this when it's absorbing light. So give them a few hours of dark everyday. I give mine something like 6 or 7 hours of darkness, which is how much I sleep. They do fine.


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