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  1. For my starter mix i could really find worm casting w/ out doing it myself several months in advance. I plan to do one next year.

    But so far ive got a mix or Miricle grow organic potting mix, organic peat moss, and some perilite, i have some year old compost done right but idk exactly the proportion to use.
  2. I'm not familiar with Miracle-Gro and it's contents but the organic must be the best of the brand, but I haven't heard much good of it on this site.

    Perlite (30-50%), Soil (20-30%), Compost (20-40%), Peat Moss (10-20%).

    Something like that. Don't go and do this mix. Wait for some other replies.
  3. Hey.
    Thats an excellent mix - but for an older, more mature plant.
    Use a Fox Farm soil. Dont feed any nutes until around week3
    or when the plant tells u its time to start eatin.
  4. Steer clear of the compost for now, you don't need it. Actually, all you need is the miracle grow organic (the worst of the acceptable soils) to start your seeds in. Use small cups (dixie) with the soil to get them rooted in. When you transplant you should use all the other jazz, but I'd avoid the peat moss for the time being as that can be too acidic for young plants in such a small space. Depends on the source really but I don't think you need it.
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    Uh Okay Snow Crash, your post was slightly unhelpful.

    If i cant use miricle grow organic or alot of peat moss why dont you give me a good starter grow?

    Ive been recommended peat moss because it helps airate the soil along with perilite and vemecular w/e how u spell it.

    It doesnt make sense how i cant use compost in my starter mix but i have to have my plot composted year round till grow season to have it better.

    It bothers me you came onto a thread and bashed the mixes and comments without recipricating any information or anything helpful at all besides what not to do.:devious:

    No dis respect im just voicing my opinion and requesting the info i originally needed.
  6. I'm not trying to bash dude. A lot of people, for many years, have been using soil. Among soil blends Miracle Grow has proven to be the least desirable brand. Some people just don't have the option, they don't have a plant nursery near by, and organic miracle grow has to suffice. The issue with MG is the nutrient profile and the slow release fertilizers. The organic blend contains very little of this and works well for many people.

    I think I gave you some good advice on starting your seeds. You don't need the extra aeration in the beginning, just water very sparingly like once every 5 days. Allow the soil to almost dry out before watering again and you'll have no drowning issues. Lift the planter and it will feel very light when it needs more water.

    Once you get your plants rooted then you need the peat moss and the perlite in the larger planter to help with the aeration. Until then you are good.

    The best medium for marijuana is going to be found at a hydro store, or from a hippy in the hills. If you're just too lazy too look one up in your area on google and go get the right stuff then whatever. You are going to get back what you put in.

    I'm not going to tell you what to do man. It's your grow. Just my opinion.
  7. I use mg organic potting mix, the bag says it'll feed up to 6 months i think? I just took a dirt sifter i made a few years ago, has semi fine metal mesh, and shifted the entire bag, what remains int he sifter is just the bigger peices of mulch, perilite (which i added a lot more of) and all of the little time release balls, just picked them out with tweasers. took me like 2-3 hrs total to do the bag. lol im broke. it wasn't that bad.
  8. im on my first grow i wana estasblish a know how before i get hydropinics n shit
  9. I'm not saying you need to do hydro. I'm saying soil. At the hydro store. Special stuff. Extra neat. Designed for weed. No shit. Try it. Still though. Don't need to be hostile. You put your grow out there for input and I gave you mine. I don't understand what's been so confusing for you.

    I said the MG was fine all by itself without mixing - which answers your question - and you got really upset because I didn't like your choice. It's so not personal man, it's the internet, and I'm telling you what I know.

    I suggested you look at a hydro store to find soil - and you reply you are intimidated by hydro - but I'm still talking about organic soil mixes obtained from the same place. Hydroponics stores sell all sorts of things unrelated directly to hydroponics. Just like how a hardware store sells you organic soil and cleaning supplies, paint, pvc, wood, power tools... etc.

    I'm trying to give you good advice man. And I'm done with you, I'm not going to get drawn into some BS. You don't like my opinion then we will agree to disagree and be on with it.

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