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  1. I set out my germinated seeds last weekend. I germinated ten, and out of those ten only one survived. It's up to one inch right now and I have it in one of my family's fields, and it is getting alot of sunlight. I started germinating fifteen more seeds today, and I'm looking forward to a great year of growing.

    -Any tips would be greatly appreciated-\

    Seeds I'm Germinating
    -(2) Some sort of kush type
    -(9) Seeds i picked out of bud 5g
    -(4) Seeds my dealer let me have from some 10g

    I love in western Tennessee and the weather is perfect right now
  2. So its just a seedling right now? Make sure it dosent get to much sun. I put some seedlings out one year and they got roasted. Try putting it under some floros or cfls for 2 weeks to get them stronger. Just my 2 cents
  3. where do you live?
  4. [quote name='"Iraqiunit"']where do you live?[/quote]

    He said he lives in western tenesse
  5. How hot was it when you put them out? And also what do you think is too hot?
  6. You need some pics man, and this thread will probably end up in the grow journal section if you keep it up.
  7. I am also doing a small greenhouse with my seeds starting out in red cups. How airtight does the greenhouse have to be? And do you need to water them daily?
  8. quickest way to kill starters is to overwater.. make sure container is light before watering again..
  9. [quote name='"TwistedPuppy"']

    How hot was it when you put them out? And also what do you think is too hot?[/quote]

    It was spicy Like 30 above 0 Celsius with intense sun. I found seeds in my bud figured I'd try it for the he'll of it. They got roasted in 2 hours. A good temp would be around 20. Try putting them a bit in the shade during the heat of the day and you should be fine

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