Started from bagseeds, male or female?

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  1. Ok, starting my grow soon. I just have one last question. Im starting from bag seed and was planning on veging 18/6, but i dont want to have 6 plants taking up space and ony have the possibility of 3 of them being female. So what should i do? Start at 12/12? Until the sex shows, then switch back to my 18/6. But wont the switch stress them?

    any info is appreciated.:wave:
  2. I did the same thing this grow, had 6 plants...only 1 ended up being female. Here are a few options you can do.

    1.) Take a cutting or 2 from each plant, allow a week or 2 to root, then throw it them into flowering. This is your most reliable but time consuming option.

    2.) Allow them to reach full maturity which they will then show preflower signs of male or female.

    3.) Toss them out and buy some female seeds.

    4.) Cross your fingers and hope for the best.

    I would not force flower to show sex, because reverting back to veg would stunt growth more than likely
  3. Damn that sucks....Guess im just gonna grow and see what happens, but I also want to try my hand at cloning, but i heard that you cant clone after they show sex. Since this is my first grow im just gonna plant and see what happens. then buy some fem seeds for my next grow.
  4. Honestly go with option one. A cloning machine is always nice to invest in and just label each one corresponding to each plant. A clone will always be the same sex as the mother/father so that will tell you, and that would also make it hurt less when you had to remove the males, because if you took two from each and had 4 males and 2 females, well there ya go, throw out the 4 males and you have 4 clones from the 2 females, you're back up to six plants sport ;D
  5. I thought about that, but that woud mean i need to have a seperate grow box.
    Since this is my first grow i just want to see if i can grow anything, i have a rubbermaid setup. so i dont think its realy cost effective to have 2 of them. nah-mean...
  6. Yeah, if you're looking to save on cash, then def just hope and pray, in a small enough space like 2' x 2' or less six plants fighting over space will yield just as much as two plants that are nice and cozy =]
  7. Cloning machines are expensive and useless, its very easy to clone with a bottle of root hormone powder from lowes for 5 dollars. YOU are a cloning machine
  8. Hes doin a bagseed grow no need to invest $ in a cloner yet IMO.On top of that make one for a lot cheaper.

    Just veg till they show pre-flowers,or flip 12/12 till they show then flip back to veg.

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