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  1. Hi all, my friend started flowering 10 WW's 4 days ago and at all the bud sites the leaves and new growth is starting to get lighter green and yellowish, is this normal? it started happening the day after he switched to 12/12. some background, they are in FFOF, 3 and 5 gallon buckets, 7 small plants (12-18 inches) and 3 medium sized plants (20-25 inches, but much more mature and bushy) in an 8x3x8 area under 2 400 w hps bulbs, temps are 76-83, RH is right around 30, have a fan going on them 18 hours a day. he is feeding them nutes every other watering, at this point in early flowering he decided to do half botanicare pro grow and half pro bloom. they are being watered on average once every 5-6 days, he practiced the weight difference alot before planting, so he waters whenever the pots feel light.
    Sooo is this normal for early flowering? and what do you guys think about the nutes, since the next time he will nute them will be in around 10 days, he should just use the flowering nutes at that point right? thanks, and please send all of your love and good feelings towards my friends ;) first grow.
  2. I am about to start flowering and have been advised to continue with veg nutes for a couple weeks into flowering to fight the yellowing that takes place. But the natural yellowing from flowering usually happens at the lower leaves, so you have a different problem. Check online for the feeding schedule for the brand of nutes you are using.

    If you can get pics that would help a ton. I probably can't help, but I know these guys around here can. Especially if you have some pics.
  3. He wont have access to a good camera until tommorow. but overall the plants look very healthy, and its just at the bud sites, nowhere else. i think he might just be an overcautious new father, but it doesnt hurt to check right? and its not really yellow, its more just a lighter green than the rest of the plant. it actually looks pretty cool and they are still healthy as far as i can tell. i found this pic online, its alot like this but not nearly as sickly or yellow, more just light green, the leaves arent droopy or twisted like that picture either.

    ^ so your opinion is the nutes? maybe he will give them a small supplement of veg nutes with his next watering. I know you said you probably cant help, but you definitely have more experience than him, he has been growing for all of 48 days now haha

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