start em inside?

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  1. high there...
    i hope to plant a fair crop this summer but i would like to know a couple things first. should i bother starting the plants indoors? if so, then for how long? i would also appreciate some outdoor strain recomendations that will do well in Canadas Northern climat.
    thanx !peace! :D
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  2. Hey there.
    I get mine about 3 in tall then set them out but I dont know about canada Im in the central u.s.
    Keep on tokin.
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  3. Hey

    If you find out that info i would really like to know too.

    I am in the Canadian Area too. Thats my exact question. Start indoors ?
  4. In terms of strains lots do very good in outdoor northern Canada where I live as well. I have a fairly large outdoor crop, anywhere from 50-200 plants every year in seperate plots which have generaly either 5 or 10, one had just a bit under 100. I plan to have a very small one compared to past years, just maybe 5-10 plants because my house is for sale and dont wanna grow lots when I will have a lot of difficulty harvesting so I can save myself LOTS of trouble, time and money and admit that this years harvest will be small but next years will be better so just go small.

    As for transplanting you need to climatise the plants to outdoors. First off, tell me when you would be transplanting and how big the plant is. If it is under a month old and are teansplanting within the nest 2 weeks you will need to climatize the plants so they wont go into shock and die.

    What you need to do is transplant them in pots to a closed yet clear place in your garden or back yard or something, a green house is perfect. You must do this so the plants can adapt to the weather but not get berraged by problems that it cant take. Grow it in this green house for a week, possibly two depending on what the weather is like and then transplant fully to outdoors.

    Hope I helped a bit. Sloth.

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