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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by djkurri, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. how did you start? and for what reason?
    and tell the story of when it first went down!
  2. When i started me and two friends one who already smoked (Derek)and one who never (Tyler) got our pot off Tyler's sister and her boyfriend the people we still buy off to this day ,along with other dealers and we went down by a river and smoked it,more friends showed up they all got stoned but i never even for like 4 months off and on smoking it,so i "quit" and started months later anyways i found out i never got stoned cuz i never inhaled not like i wasen't trying i know it sounds stupid but now i love getting high and have been ever since grade 9
  3. You from NFLD?
  4. Nope i moved to newfoundland from Toronto like 5 years ago the bud isen't as good as in T.O. but you still get good bud if you know were to go
  5. Cool. I'm from Nova Scotia. ice bud down here too, if you look in the right places.
  6. i used to chill with kids that smoked every day for about a year. i was never really interested enough to light up with them.

    then one 420, i went over a different friends house and we smoked about 2 bowls to start off, then two more about two hours later, then a bowl and a blunt later on in the night, then when i woke up in the morning, we smoked about 4 bowls.

    needless to say i was freakin out
  7. i was really afraid to smoke because i was told such awful things by DARE and teachers.

    I finally was convinced to try it by a friend.

    we went out and chilled ion his car in his driveway and blazwed for like 2 hours.

    i got ripped and had fun and ive never looked back
  8. First time ever: I always was pretty against smoking, then in grade 11 we had semi formal (jr prom) and ended up hammered at the end of the night, pissed off at my gf and went over to my football teammate and he smoked me lol, dont really remember if i got high or not (im assuming so).

    Then when i started smoking on a more constant basis me and 3 buddies got together and made a popper (coke can with holes) and smoked about 2g of weed on my deck in my backyard . One of my buddies had done it before with his neighbour. We we're ripped for hours and fell asleep outside. I promptly woke everyone up in the middle of the night with my hose lol.

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