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  1. Anyone a fan of any of these series? I have seen all the Stargates Sg-1, Atlantis, Universe.

    I have seen a couple episodes of Star Trek and am thinking about downloading Enterprise and watching it. Any Advice?
  2. star trek tng was good
    stargate universe might of been my fave sci fi tv shows
  3. Yeah what the hell I cant believe they cancelled UNIVERSE it was the best! I love themm all but something about the characters in Universe were amazing.
  4. SO pissed it got cancelled.... I loved all the series, and I admit to not being a fan of universe at first but it got REALLY good in the second season.

    But I think the franchise is probably done...
  5. I just pray it isn't
  6. I am an avid fan of Startrek TNG the series was excellent and the movies on Bluray look fantastic.

    I prefered Farscape too Stargate but stargate was alright before it jumped the shark in Atlantis....
  7. I blew through the first 3 1/2 seasons of SG-1 in a few days :laughing: But it just seems like they can't kill characters off. How many times do they have to kill Apophis??? That's one thing I can't stand... Bringing characters back! Kill Apophis once and then move on!
  8. [quote name='"Lazyhedonist"']
    But I think the franchise is probably done...[/quote]

    First time in like 15 years there is not some form of Stargate running new shows.

    Someone tell me, I don't want spoilers since ill be watching the dvds, but in Universe...

    ...did they close out the series (make it home or whatever) or was it a cliffhanger (cuz they expected another season)?

  9. Cliff hanger.

    I saw on a fansite that the original director of the Stargate movie might make another couple of movies to finish the story. But he also said it wouldn't be based on the TV show series, it would be a sequel to the orignal movie which blows.
  10. Star Trek: The Original Series and The Next Generation are the only ones worth watching in my opinion. If you're going to spend the time and hard drive space downloading any of them, have it be one of those two(I recommend TNG first, it seems that's the one most people prefer).

    Do you have Netflix? Because if you do, every Star Trek series is on there I believe. They were when I had it a while back, at least.
  11. [quote name='"Relentless"']I am an avid fan of Startrek TNG the series was excellent and the movies on Bluray look fantastic...[/quote]

    couldn't agree more, pick up or download the movies on bluray, they are all awsome
  12. im about to watch Stargate, the original movie... if i like it ill move on to the tv shows i guess
  13. [quote name='"veinte uno"']im about to watch Stargate, the original movie... if i like it ill move on to the tv shows i guess[/quote]

    Don't make your decision to watch the series on the movie because the movie is horrible. I couldn't even finish it. The series is great though, it has different writers than the movie.
  14. idk man, this movie is sort of dope so far
  15. I like Star Trek Voyager, sue me guys, but Jeri Ryan puts the whole thing together.
  16. [quote name='"veinte uno"']idk man, this movie is sort of dope so far[/quote]

    I don't like it cause I saw the series before I saw the movie and the character differences were too much I guess
  17. What about Torchwood? I'm pretty damn sure that it's the same guy in the lead role as in Stargate.
  18. Data was a badass, best character on TNG.

    I feel ashamed for having a childhood crush on captain janeway =|

  19. Dude how could you have crush on janeway when there's Seven of Nine in the tight Starfleet uniform.
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    This was before jeri Ryan was on that show.

    Also jeri Ryan has a really goofy looking face.

    Her body is okay, but her face, I really dont like it.

    I guess i like pushy bitchy hardass women more.

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