Star Wars the Old Republic will be free to play in a year

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  1. I am a HUGE Star Wars fan, I am also a huge Bioware fan. I want this game to be awesome. I've been waiting for a sequel to KOTOR for years, this game is not it. I have never played an MMO before SWTOR but I am a big RPG fan and this game is boring. Playing this game as a Jedi Knight I do not feel like an epic star wars bad ass. I feel like I'm at a star wars amusement park not embarking on an epic adventure.

    The combat sucks, the quests are short and boring and for the most part easy. The few hard quests or just frustrating and annoying. The combat is also buggy and the AI is extremely dumb. This is a game killer for me.

    The story is ehh. Its not catching me. I do not feel attached to the characters.

    The graphics are good, but the art design itself is cartoony and subpar.

    There are also still tons of bugs even at such a late stage. Bosses that are invincible, NPCs and fellow players disappear occasionally, some lag, and other annoying bugs.

    This game will do great initially but it has no staying power. Bioware should have just made KOTOR 3.
  2. I've been playing. It's alright but nothing new.. World of Starwars
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    A Star Wars MMO aimed at the WoW market was a poorly thought out, money-grubbing idea from the start.

    All I wanted was my KotOR3

    Damn you for fucking that up, Bioware
  4. i love when people say a games garbage based on a fucking beta

    no offense but your post is simply naive

  5. No offense but I very much disagree with you. I have played "betas" before and mostly they wind up being the exact same thing on release (BF:BC2 and bf3 being the biggest ones).

    I can mostly certainly judge a game based on gameplay present in a beta. Sure they can change some things but they cant change everything.

    It always annoys me when people say "its just a beta" when a beta is very near the finished product.

  6. The game is going to be released in the three weeks. Its naive to think its going to be all that different 3 weeks from now.

  7. Exactly. The BF3 game/beta was already being written onto the disks for shipping when the "beta" was released for play. They could be working on day 1 patch like bf3 had to do, but still, this muddles the definition of "beta".

    The game is due out now in less than a month. There is little time to clean this up if a beta this truly be. This coming from someone who isn't even interested in this game.
  8. It annoys me when people fail to understand the purpose of beta testing.
  10. the beta probably isn't even using a release candidate right now

    Anti Aliasing is forced disabled.

    theres a lot of things "forced disabled"

    its a stress test.

    they don't want it to look pretty

    they want as many people online at one time as possible

    unlike other mmo betas, no ones talking about wow in the general chat in this one and im really enjoying the game so far.

    gonna be playing for the next few hours, got work 2-10 then im off tomorrow so ill play all night ...
  11. id give it longer than a year. shit rift has made it almost a year and its still going okay.

    but yeah it will be a huge bust for sure.
  12. well i dont think i can play video games on my pc anytime soon

    video card overheated on low settings on this game...

    its always had temperature issues but this is outta control

    last night it was holding @ 95c so idk why its worse today
  13. Maybe you just need to clean your case?
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    Generally I would agree with you but this game is literally weeks away from release. I can guarantee you most of what the beta has currently, is what you are going to get on release.

    I tried to like this game from the start, I'm literally starved for a decent MMO to play, but in the end I just did not like what I all.

    Again I have to disagree, I played for 2 or 3 hours and the general chat was filled to the brim with the same immature wow kids you find in every other MMO.

  15. cleaned it out a few days ago = /

    heat has been an issue with my video since day 1 but now its just on its way to being busted
  16. MMOs need to stop trying to poach players from WoW, it just makes them want to go back and play more WoW :rolleyes:

    That's what happened to RIFT anyway
  17. they aint worried, d3 will cannibalize and ensure some subs for a year then later down the road titan will bring everyone back

    they understand where wow is at in its life cycle

    its all part of a bigger plan :devious:
  18. I find out quite hard to believe that this game was the most expensive one created ever.
  19. It will not go free to play, but it will not be nearly as successful as EA and BW predict. They pumped some $200+ million dollars into this game, and for what? You can easily tell that a huge chunk of that went to the writing staff as well as the voice actors. After that, the game is really bare. PVP is imbalanced and non-competitive, grinding has become more of a grind in this game due to cut scenes and bonus quests, and the game is just far too linear for an MMO.

    I know it's a Beta, and there will still be tons of content and fixes which may or may not help the gameplay, but as it stands now, I really find TOR to be somewhat poorly constructed. I know BW is trying to be innovative with the whole story based MMO, but an MMO should be an MMO first, and focus on story second, not the other way around.
  20. I was accepted into the beta this week. My log in won't work. I've emailed customer support twice and i've gotten no response. This is my first MMO and I am not impressed and I haven't even played it yet.

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