standing molasses water?

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  1. ive been watering my plant with molasses,every other day, i have the water already measure out 2 tbl spoons of molasses, for a gallon of water, do yall think its cool if i water with that over and over, cause the water just stays in the milk jug with the molasses in it, and it has a different smell now stronger smelling, ive watered with it twice since the first time

    IF ANYONE CARES TO SEE....hear my girl, read first post to understand everything, cause im tired of people saying its small DUH! we can all see, i did it for a reason though

    check it out, tell me what you think is she healthy looking
  2. I used to keep my molassess water pre-mixed in gallon jugs too, until after a few days it starts to really stink like crap. I just mix it as needed.

    I don't know for sure if it goes bad in the water, but I wasn't going to risk it for how that stuff smelled after a few days of sitting.
  3. yea tha smell is nasty, i took a chance twice so far looks fine buds are getting juicy and bigger, dont think its because the molasses yet though only used it 3 times so far
  4. Yea dude I would not let the water sit with molasses in it!

    Just mix it in before watering then rinse it out.

  5. First time I grew a plant I was taking over just for the flowering. I let the molasses water sit at the bottom of what had drained out and after about a week I noticed every time I watered after that a bunch of little clear things were marching up the side of the pot and buzzing around in the standing water... yuck!

    I chopped it immediately and threw that shit away.
  6. what were they?

  7. I have no idea. I first noticed that what looked like dust or something on the water was twitching, then when I looked close I saw they were actually like really tiny bugs, and I saw a line trying to march up the side of the pot and would fall back onto the soil.

    My guess it was something dormant in the shitty soil I used and the molasses was just the food they needed to grow.

    My new grow I've been feeding molasses and draining away excess with no problems. Actually been feeding it some molasses since the very beginning of flowering too.

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