Standard lighting/Halogen floodlights !

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jonleviathan, Apr 9, 2003.

  1. Hi guys, Im having a hard time finding flurocents so this is what I have access too... I went the this hardware store and they had a 150 watt halogen floodlight that outputs 1200lumens for about 5$ and then they had a standard light bulb (circular ones ) with 100watts and give of 1600 lumens... would these lights work to grow 2 plants ?
  2. Halogen lighting is the worst lighting you can use, get some flourescents.
  3. alright thanks, Guess ill just wait longer to find flurocents.....

  4. i think thats a flurocent u found. i cant think of any other lights that r round, as in a circle yeah, not round like a ball?
    have another look at it, if it says its a 25w or something like that and it gives off the same light as a 100w then its fluro.

  5. Try Wal MArt, they have plug in and gro fluoro's for $10
  6. no it was like a ball.... lol they weren't flourecents.. ill go to wal-mart tonight or somethign and see what they got! I will buy some soil too!

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