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'Stale' weed vs. a fresh sack?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by G13, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Can weed "go stale"? I got an ounce in the middle of this summer and just killed it TONIGHT. That's right, it lasted me 3 months and still gave a good high on that last bud. My question, though, is: Is there a difference between a sack that's been sitting out for three months and a fresh one? I'm picking up a fresh half ounce tomorrow and I'm wondering if it's going to hit any better in my Volcano. I mean, the old mids that I've been putting in there were decent, so I'm thinking "fresh sack, high heat, vapors... probably going to be even better!" Can anyone speak on this?
  2. There will be a difference in the weight. A little if any loss of thc (not enough for you to notice). But for storing weed over long periods of time, I have heard that its better to store it some place with no light or oxygen. The freezer is a good place. Just make sure you bag it several times.
  3. If your keeping nugs around for that long, I'd put them in a nice air-tight jar. This will keep it fresh longest and lets it crystallize. Depending on the buds, you might want to add a paper towel to keep the moisture from ruining your stash.
  4. too humid and it can get moldy too - they hve packets that are based on keeping cigars fresh and some of those cigars are really expensive I think its save my stash, they have a website:wave:
  5. i have a packed bowl in my spoon sitting on my bedside at home. I packed the bowl the night before i left for palm springs, in hopes on smoking right before i left to get on the plane. this didnt work out, so I still have a packed bowl sitting there by my bed. this was a week ago. im kinda scared to see what this weed is gonna look like when i get home tomorrow night ;)
  6. What is this ounce lasting a whole 3 months business? madness son, smoke that shit or grab a old prescription or pill bottle....ha 3 months!
  7. I think it can go stale, yeah. I bought some of my usual recently and it was a lot drier than normal. Lead me to believe it was the same stuff as before, but just been sitting around for a while. It burned very fast too, it kinda sucks. I like it fresh :cool:
  8. Fresh weed, Its worth Waaaaay more. You can take a seed from some shwag and grow it and it will be worth $15 a gram just for the reason of how fresh it is and it hasnt been shipped from all around the country.
  9. Nice job reviving a 3 year old thread x_x
  10. Tight! you smoke more than him? youre the man!
  11. I don't think the THC content changes as it gets older.

  12. Still effects the taste and deliciousness
  13. if it took u 3 months 2 close an ounce u shouldnt b riting here
  14. Depends if you mean stale as in the bud is crunchy and dried out.

    I don't like it too dry, but not moist with a nice long cure of atleast 3 or 4 months. That is when the bud burns and smokes the best IMO.
  15. I thought the whole reason to let it dry out/cure was to improve and enhance the cannabis smoke, taste, and smell? so if the cannabis is dried and cured wouldnt it be a better and smoother smoke than weed that is still 'fresh' and uncured? I keep mine in a small glass jar and open in 5 mins everyday to let it air out.

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