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  1. Hello, everybody

    I had a journal on GC before, but could not update do to my computer breaking. I Have a new computer now and will update as frequently as i need to.

    My last plant was a plush berry grown in spango peat moss. with mirical gro tomato food for veg and MG bloom booster for flowering.(yes IK never again will i use MG) cut off nutes for 4 weeks before harvest and I got about 9 grams. Pretty good weed too, but it didn't last long at all.
    as of the moment I'm experimenting with hempy buckets     [​IMG]         [​IMG]  
    that's my bubblelicious. 4 weeks old (and on the small side)
    Haven't had veg nutes at all do to unemployment and i only get enough  $$ for food and my bills.
    I've been using botanicare sweet(6ml per gal) & the super thrive(1ml a gal) and that's it.

    Now here is my grow area. I have big plans for it.[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] 
    I plan to get two t12 fixtures with 4 bulbs 40 wats each (160 watts total) for my veg space and then I have 230 Watts in cfls [​IMG] for my flowering space.

    I need to be able to seal off the veg lights from the flowering plants and be able open them back up .I'm thinking thick black plastic and Velcro.

    Heres my ferts and cloning powder 
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    I was experimenting with the hempy bucket and am now leaning towards organic growing. plus I have like 80 ponds of peat and humus.

    Then small white fan with a bunch of tape on it is my exit fan and carbon filter, it need work but get the job done.

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