Staind concert tonight :D

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  1. Can't wait, Staind kicks ass live, flawless, and their singer Aaron Lewis is very pro-weed, wooo!
  2. Haha I used to listen to them in like 6th grade..
    Didn't even know they were still a band...
  3. yeah i dont know man. i saw them about 4 or 5 times when they always toured with korn or limp bizkit in 98 or 99... i was like 12 or some shit and i remember him saying "whos got the weed tonight?" and everyone screaming.
    but they used to be so much better. their song "raw" from dysfunction is so nasty.

    now hes all gay about feelings and shit.
  4. that nigggga is alive? :eek:
  5. Gunna roll one up and enjoy the show on the rail hopefully!
  6. you know whats gay bro? people pretending they dont have feelings and shit.

    and aaron lewis' music and lyrics have always been about feelings and shit. dysfunction was just a harder cd in terms of the music but the feelings and shit have always been there.
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    [ame=]Staind - For You - YouTube[/ame]

    Hell yeah Staind's old shit goes hard in da paint.

    Don't forget this shit it goes hard as well


  8. I used to think staind was a pussy band but they're great compared to the shit out there now
  9. Show kicked ass! Got to smoke before, and after, and got a guitar pick from the show. Fun fun.
  10. People still listen to Staind? ew lol
  11. Staind is fucking amazing. And yeah korn pink floyd and staind are amazing to listen to high you can feel the lyrics and their emotions pretty crazy

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