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  1. Hello all!

    I've read threads on this before, but I would really like to feel warm and fuzzy about it before I do it - which leads me to all of you experts out there!

    I've got two monstrous girls outside that are just about ready to harvest. I'm thinking of harvesting the top 1/2 or so of the plant, leaving the bottom, more under-developed branches/buds for harvest a little later - hoping that they'll get bigger and better! My husband doesn't like the trimming and manicuring part of the harvest - but I love it and don't particularly like to share in the manicuring duties!

    The tops of the plants are so dense that the bottom branches' buds are smaller due to lack of sunlight, so it makes sense that they would get bigger and more dense if I were to harvest the tops (which obviously are more ready than the bottom), leaving the bottom branches to receive more light.

    Can anybody confirm that this won't hurt??

    Also, I was thinking of using some cloning gel on the stems/branches that I leave raw - just as a preventative medicine type of thing. I'd hate to have bug or disease problems by opening up wounds on the tree... Any ideas if this will help??

    Thanks in advance for any input!
  2. yes you can. I do it with my grows with great success.
  3. yes I just did it about a week to 10 days ago i picked the two top colas and then today i picked the rest.

    worked out great i am very happy!#

  4. Thanks for the prompt replies!! I feel much better about doing it knowing that others have had success.

    Do you have any thoughts on using the cloning stuff as protection against disease or bugs??
  5. Another thought I'm having... What if I were to leave the very top cola on the center stem for further ripening, harvest the bigger side branches, and leave the bottom underdeveloped branches for further bud enhancement??

    I'm thinking that by taking the top/middle branches, it'll open up enough light to urge the bottom flowers to grow more, and by leaving the very top cola would allow it to become more resinated and dense... However, I do have a fear that the top cola would then suffer due to the plant trying to heal itself from the middle cuts and that the top cola wouldn't really benefit from this...

    Any feelings on this?

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