St. Patrick's Day

Discussion in 'General' started by patriot, Mar 17, 2002.

  1. I'll be partakin' of the green on St. Patty's Day.
  2. i've been preparing all day long by celebrating the green.
    i went to a neat lil bakery today, had green bread and green cinnamon rolls. looked like mold from far away, actually!

    ~~ happy st paddy's day ~~
  3. Erin Go Brah! Green beer & Green bud, Oh yeesssssssssss! Time to Blaze me "Lucky Charms"
  4. lol @ cowboysaxman
    kiss me i'm not irish but my bf is :D
  5. I think im irish. And i want a plethora of green foods. Gosh i gotta get to a downtown bakery.!

  6. Paddy's day rules!!

    Shame this year I couldn't celebrate it at all... Barcelona has had too many things going on this week (thank the European Summit...). I was so tired by saturday's morning I didn't do anything else this w/e.

    Anyway, the only thing we can do in here to celebrate St. Patrick's is going to an Irish pub, so this year it was more celebrated on friday & saturday than on sunday (ppl is not very outgoing by sundays).

    Anyway, with or without leprechauns I hope u all had a great day!!
  7. Hubby's birthday is St. Patricks Day. Started out the day with he and I wake and bakin. Went for a walk along a river in a county park. Saw all kinds of ducks and geese...I mean tons of them. They filled the sky. It was awesome! Found this secluded little spot and uuuummmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!

    Then ended with a party with some friends. Had to be close to a 10!
  8. im irish...but i dont drink...can i still tell people im irish?

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