St Johns Wort

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  1. I've had this in my house for a long time but never used it much. i know you need to use it consistently daily for at least 4 days for you to notice its effects. I have used it daily but never for longer then like 3 days. i tend to forget and not care.
    so i wanna try it out and see if its effects are for real as it might be able to help with my view on the quality of life. lol. i have 500 mg capsules
    so yea do any of you guys use this stuff and have any feedback? on whether it works for you and if it makes a difference.
    feedback plz
  2. im so fucking confused right now
  3. it is a herb that grows wild, well known and very much used in europe for mild depression or whatever but mostly used here for a positive mood balance. a lot of research and scientific study have went underway and all agree. i even read a thread here somewhere in which someone and his uncle uses st johns wort and when they toke up they are definitely higher and higher for longer period.
    today was maybe my 3-4 day taking it and i definitely feel a difference.

    well ima get some sleep.
  4. Any feedback as to the effectiveness??

    I have just recently started to use it (starting today).... I will be using St. John's for another month or so.
  5. I have some of those! I never rreally used them, never thought it would work. Im gonna start using em because i only have about 7 left:cool:
  6. i heard about about st johns wort for the first time this summer and decided to try it out
    after taking it for about 4 weeks i started to notice a general cloudyness to my conciousness
    nothing too bad i just had trouble concentrating and a general haziness but i was also taking a few other supplements at the time
    im pretty sure st johns wort was the reason for this though
    let me know if you experience this same problem
  7. yea it really does work, you will notice a difference but you need to use it daily, consistenly. you start feeling it in like 4 or 5 days and you keep using it for a while you will feel its full effects. i ran out so i havent been using it but i am gonna buy more. i need to get some good multivitamins too.
    but yea its good shit.

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