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  1. I've finally decided to buy the SSV, I've been using the MFLB and it definitely got me high but I've gotten tired of always having to have batteries and the smaller hits. I also don't need a portable vape I just bought the MFLB because I didnt want to spend all that money on a vape when I had never used one before. Anyways I ordered am all black SSV from ebay for 195.95 and it comes with all the normal goodies, a standard smooth glass wand, and the 3 year warranty. I can't wait to get this vape :D, I've been doing a lot of research deciding what vape I wanted to get and I finally decided on the SSV. Bad news is I gotta wait a week or more to get it :(. I'll post pics and a review when it gets here.
  2. Good choice! I used to have a mflb and upgraded to the DBV (made by same company as the SSV) and I was a lot happier with my vapin experience.
  3. Yea I was gonna buy the DBV instead because it was cheaper but they were out of stock, so I just purchased the SSV. On the official site I would of had to pay about 200 so I just purchased the SSV for cheaper instead.
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    I'm glad that you chose a silver surfer, word to the wise, if I'm not mistaken I remember reading that if you buy an ssv on eBay or amazon (un-authorized retailer, the warranty is void.
    You will most definitely enjoy your ssv experience though.

    Quoted from the official site.

    Silver Surfer® Vaporizers purchased from Ebay that are NOT sold under the 7thFloorSales account are not covered by warranty in any way, shape or form. Also, vaporizers purchased from the following are NOT covered by our warranty.

    We strongly advise against purchasing the Silver Surfer® vaporizer from these sellers: (despite the name, this is NOT a 7th Floor, LLC site)
  5. Well that would be dissapointing. Though it did say they were an authorized dealer and that it comes with a 3 year warranty. Ill have to contact the seller.
  6. I would go with what the official 7th floor website says, eBay sellers WILL lie to you if it means they profit. Contact the 7th floor directly if you are still unsure. Best of luck. I am looking forward to how you enjoy it when you do receive it. Toke on :smoking:
  7. Sometimes 7th floor sells blemished units on ebay and they still have warranty.
  8. If there's no warranty I wouldn't fret too much, IF you ever use it (that's a mighty big if) then it'll be 25 or so max.
  9. I contacted both the ebay seller and the 7th floor company and hopefully I will know shortly if the vape is covered or not. If it isn't Im gonna try and get the ebay seller to throw in an extra whip for compensation. :)
  10. The SSV was the first vape I bought as well. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. It may take you a few tries at first before you start getting hits, but not too long.

    Also, if you have a water pipe or bong to use it with, I'd highly suggest so. It makes the experience nicer. I also find that it allows for better extraction.
  11. I own a DBV, great piece of kit that delivers massive hits. I use my volcano more often but take nothing away from 7th floor they make quality vapes and its worth the waits.

    You will be amazed and may even curse the fact that you ever thought the MFLB was any good in the first place.
  12. The MFLB is a good vape for what it is. Extremely portable and extremely stealthy. Also simple to use, reliable, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

    It's not fair to compare it to a heavy hitting desktop vape like a SSV.
  13. Its not fair comparing a vaporiser to a vaporiser?

    I own an MFLB and used it for a while but found it awkward to handle and i never once did i get a hit that i would consider satisfying, neither did it ever get me very high. Not to mention it costs quite a lot of money, which imo could be better used if saved for a higher end unit.

  14. You can find MFLB for as cheap as $70-$80. Just look around, it isn't that much. It is a bit awkward but I've managed to get some massive pulls off of it. It helps if you watch videos of other people doing it.

    And yes, it's not fair at all comparing vapes like that head to head. Vapes specialize in different things. If potency was all that mattered for people, no one would care about handhelds. The VapeXhale Cloud would be king (even though a lot of people do consider it king still...)

    MFLB is a vape that focuses on ease of use, stealth, and reliability. The SSV is a vape that focuses on reliability and potency. If you live at home with your parents and you wanna vape in secret, a SSV isn't going to be ideal.

    As a rule, comparing desktop vapes to handhelds is silly.

  15. Not with the lithium ion battery vapes that are coming out now, i hear they put the MFLB to shame in terms of clouds which is all that matters to me.
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    Yeah. And those vapes probably are going to cost a lot more than the MFLB. Is that really your argument?

    Why buy any vape besides the VapeXhale Cloud then? It is the best vape on the market as far as extraction and size of hit goes.

  17. They cost about double. Might be worth it, might not be. I'll be getting one soon and ill make a video or something to compare.

    Just imo MFLB is worthless, you're going to have to live knowing that somebody thinks this way.
  18. I didn't do much research when I first bought my MFLB I was purely going for the low cost, I think I got it for about 90 after shipping and everything and I also got a 4 piece aluminum grinder. I didn't need the vape for portability or stealth so I was kind of disappointed but I just dealt with it and it grew on me. Like wak has said I've never really got a hit that was satisfying unless I blew it towards a light and it also wasn't able to get me as high as I wanted to be but I think that was because I never had enough patience to vape like 4 trenches.

  19. i have the same issue with my mflb, thinking of getting a SSV now, been looking around at different vapes.. i also like da buddah
  20. I also got responses from both the ebay seller and the 7th floor. The 7th floor tells me that this company is not an authorized retailer and that any warranty they are promising has to be handled by them. The guy from the ebay company said we are an authorized retailer, so I let him know that the 7th floor told me that they arent. So we'll see what he says and maybe I can still try and get an extra whip outta this.

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