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    Anyone growing the Connossieur Genetics Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze?? I just ordered some packs, and will give a couple packs each to a couple buddies to look through.
  2. Hey buddy, pass me one. lol
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  3. Yessir, I have grown it. Been quite a long time ago though.

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  4. How was it? Yield??

  5. If we were friends, I trusted you more than my mom, you do the growing, and I get 50% at a good price. I also may buy some lights for you. I just bought 1 buddy 2 x 1000w Gavitas. But it would have to be going for some kind of production, and not just small plants. at least an 1lb.4oz+ depending on strain per 1000w Gativa, and each 5 x 6 area. 20 gallon containers/Promix BX. And lots of air, and ventilation. Many seeds I have are either hard to come by, or not available, so I make the most of them. Both guys Ive been doing this with since the 80s. Ive known 1 since 1966.
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  6. Thanks but I'm maxed out now with everything I can think of for my grow. I can only grow 4 and then it turns to a felony
  7. I was only speaking hypothetically. IF we were really good friends, ( we don't even know each other ) and I trusted you more than my mom. Very few I trust that much. Myself maybe. Wife I do. Wife would kill me if I did anything with anyone I met on the net.

    Ive already done 12 years with the feds for cultivation, so I trust nobody, and is 1 reason I don't keep anything in my possession as far as growing anything. I did from 1997-2009.

    I did from 97-2001, got out, got a violation in 2007 ( Another Partner Ratted me out ), so I got a Class C State Charge added to my Fed Violation. Id be eligible for parole in the state in 14 months, and my fed violation was 24 months, so the State ran my sentence Concurrent to the fed violation, so they got their conviction, and the feds were going to keep me anyway.
    Originally I had 8.5 years supervised release. The longest the councilors ever heard of. Guy I know robbed a fed bank, and got 3 years fed supervised release, and only did 3 more years than me. And had a weapon. All in all, I got 6 months more. Mine was mandatory minimum 10-life and $3,000,000-$5,000,000 fine, but cant get blood out of a turnip.
    I had 1000+ clones, and 2 flowering rooms. Most were going to a 1000 acre farm, but my partner who was 70, 30 years older than me, got busted with 500 I gave him, and ratted me out.
    Cops came with the FBI, and 30 Swat.

    So Id never trust anyone on the net.
  8. Damn.
    Me either. Just joking.
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  9. It was good, nothing that I found to be super amazing. I remember the yield being pretty decent, but a smell/taste that I didn't really dig that much. Can't remember a whole lot more than that been like 7 or so years since I ran it.

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  10. Was it Connosseur Genetics? Rez? Ive seen some of it that looks downright wicked.
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  11. Sorry to hear that man, that shit is fucked up

    kdiesel's back of the basement grow(2019)
  12. Connoisseur Genetics. Like I said, it was a long time ago. Maybe I didn't do it justice. I do remember it was pretty potent.

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