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  1. Que pasa fellow blades

    I'm starting a PC grow and decided to share my journey with GC! My setup is a 21"x8"x21" PC tower. I'm using 3 23w CFLs (6500K for veg, 2700K for flower). I have a 4" passive intake, with a TD-100 and mini carbon filter on the exhaust. I also have a 120mm PC fan to help keep things cool. I attached 2 neodymium magnets to the back of the power strip so I can move the lights up and down as needed. If anyone is interested, I got the magnets from an old hard drive laying around. You can use any hard drive that has a spinning platter (i.e. magnetic storage, not an SSD). These hard drives will have two neodymium magnets, which are strong and perfect for holding the lights in place.

    The beans I'm using are Nirvana Feminized Northern Lights! I chose these for the relatively low smell, ease of difficulty (hopefully***), and feminized because I may only get one shot at this, so I'd rather not waste it on a male! (The woman of the house is giving me a one time pass to do this, with the opportunity for more depending on how this goes)

    I'm using FFOF for the soil, tap water pH corrected as necessary (although right now it's perfect as the FFOF is a little low and the water is a little high which balanced it out perfectly after a few flushes), and will be using FF Grow Big and Big Bloom. I will also be topping/fimming, as well as some form of LST (either tie down or ScrOG).

    Day 1: Planted seed in soil!

    I appreciate any guidance along this journey! :smoke:


    Germinating Bean - took about 36 hours to pop

    Inside of Case
  2. good luck with your grow :)
  3. First Post! Woo!
    I'm looking to start some sort of micro grow myself.
    Though, in what, I'm not sure.
    I've tossed the ideas of a pc growbox or a rubbermaid.
    I made a rubbermaid box at one point, but my mom got pissed I used one of her tubs so she threw it out.
    Can't wait to see how your plants turn out!

    Second post. lame. haha
  4. loooks nice
  5. Good luck on the grow, I will follow your progress closely. I'm going to be doing my first PC grow pretty soon, and those are the exact seeds I was thinking about getting for a first grow. Keep us posted!:D
  6. Day 2: Went to check on the progress, and found tiny whitish round bugs on the surface. Went and checked the bag of FFOF and they are in there as well. After all my searching, I *think* that they are hypoaspis miles, but I'll have to keep an eye on them. I thought that on two separate occasions I saw them jump, hinting at springtails but I can't be certain on that, and most springtails are more elongated. The other option is fungus gnats, but again most I've seen online are more elongated than round. I don't think they are spider mites since they are in the new bag of soil, which from what I gathered would not be the case with spider mites. For now, I'm hoping it is a safe bug, part of the organic FFOF, but i'll keep an eye on it. Tomorrow I plan on checking with the hydro store I got the bag from to see if they can tell me. I'll keep everyone posted :smoke:
  7. Day 3: She broke the surface!

  8. Did you figure out what those white bugs were?


  9. No unfortunately I didn't. I guess I'll just have to wait and see if it becomes a problem, not my ideal approach but not really sure what else to do. I'd hate to go killing them if they are beneficial. I tried to take a picture of them but they are just way too small. Couldn't get a picture of them with my macro.

    Day 4: Watered her today. She's looking good, just a little growth, but growth nonetheless!
  10. What made you pick a normal seed? most people i know would have prob started with a auto? for a first pc grow.

  11. I don't care much for an auto. I know most people are now saying they are just as potent, taste the same, and yield just as much; the autoflowering gene has just been passed on through cubing, maintaining most characteristics. But, I'd rather stick with the original. Just my preference, whether my basis for doing so is correct or not :)

    Day 5: Starting to see the next set of leaves poking up!
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    Day 6: She doesn't seem to be growing much, looks about the same as yesterday. There's also some browning on the edges and tips of the new set of leaves coming up. It looks like it might be heat stress (I had the bulbs 1" from the top, moved to 2"). Hopefully this helps. Anyone else have any suggestions?

    EDIT: Also, I don't know if you can see it from the picture, but the leaves are making a V shape.

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    Day 10: The problem seems to have cleared up, no more yellowing or burnt tips. However, that set is curled, permanently it looks, and never seemed to really develop. Also, the next sets of leaves don't seem to be forming correctly/symmetrically. There seems to have formed three leaves on one side, and one on the other. Two of the three look to be stuck together. Maybe it will fix with the next sets, it just seems odd.

  14. Day 13: She has recovered nicely. The new growth looks great!

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    Day 19: She's doing really well, though I think I have a calcium deficiency, pH was a little low at 6.3, raised to 6.5. I'll try to raise another point or two next watering. Fed 1/3 nutes the other day as well and transferred to bigger pot. I also took a shot a topping.


    Hard to see but there's some yellowing spots. Also the very tips of a few leaves have very very small brown spots. Trying to catch it before it gets worse.
  16. She's looking great dude! hopefully those things are nothing to worry about..
  17. looking real healthy man..that might be the start of calcium def? I dunno though...I wouldn't too much :)
  18. Thanks guys, unfortunately though it's getting worse! A lot more growth on her today, but the spot on the one leaf got bigger, more brown, and there is another leaf with 5 smaller spots. There are also more tips with brown, still small brown on the tips, but more of them. Is this a calcium def, or something else? Trying to figure out if I should foliar feed with CalMag to correct. Thoughts?
  19. Well you did say you fed them right? Maybe try flushing them and water them without nutrients for a few times and see if perhaps that fixes your problem?
  20. if leaf tips are getting brown/burnt then it's nute burns...any clawing? I'd flush.

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