SSGF Double Diffused Ashcatcher: Broke day 1 :(

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    Okay, first off, this isn't a bashing thread or anything of that sort. I have loved my experience with Soulshine up until now and know they will make sure I'm satisfied so I'm not worried, I just need advice on my situation.

    I ordered a Double Diffused Inline Ashcatcher from SSFG
    Double Diffused Inline Ash Catcher by SoulShineFamilyGlass on Etsy
    a while ago without an actual review of the piece but trusting the company name and Ray's suggestion when I asked for advice on a purchase, and received it today. I took it out, filled it with water, demo it with no herb and was satisfied and then got online to give positive feedback. Then I started to get ready to use it. The thing is a little off center because of the shower head downstem but it didn't really move at first. when I went to use it while it was attached to the sherlock arm it twisted at the adapter joint. I was holding it on the bottom of the sherlock with the ashcatcher on my knee and the adapter joint on the ashcatcher snapped.

    Here's Pics

    SSGF fix ground joints for 5$ + shipping, will that include fixing my purchase? I honestly haven't even used this yet (aside from the ice pinch bowl) and haven't even set it on a hard surface. IF anyone else has had one of these have they had any similar problems? The off center issue didn't seem that detrimental to me when I was messing with everything so I'm wondering if it was a fluke. I've dealt with high-end for a little while now and have never broke a glass piece in my smoking career (3+ yrs). I'm gonna email him but if anyone has any suggestions about how to approach this problem it'd be much appreciated, I've never had to complain/return a piece before so I was just curious as to if their was a best way to go about this. Thanks for any advice.

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  2. that thing looks heavy as wonder the joint broke :smoke:
  3. It looks like it's just the joint....mail it back and pay the 5$, hopefully it'll come back reinforced.
  4. That sucks, bro. At least you have a shower head diffuser to put into any bong.
  5. I'm sure Ray will cut you a deal since you JUST got it. Just send him a message on ETSY asking how much it would be, and also ask if he'll reinforce it for you so that this doesn't happen again.

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