SSFG Gridded Stemline Hybrid

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    Came in few days ago, freakin wicked. No drag, smooth as hell. Shout out to ssfg for great customer service. Milk vid shall be up soon
  2. congratz man
  3. How much was that?

    Thinking about getting myself one for christmas
  4. Got my for 110 because it has a small indent on the pedestal. Normally run at 135. Worth every penny, I would go for it.
  5. Damn! At that price fuck yeah!

    How long did yours take to ship?
  6. Shipped on Monday got here on Wednesday. NC to MD
  7. Like how long was the total ordering/shipping time?

    From the time you clicked your mouse on buy, to the time it arrived on your doorstep.
  8. Clicked the mouse to buy on sunday, they shipped it out next day
  9. Nice to know I won't have to wait until spring to hit it lol.

    How did you end up with a defected one?
  10. I emailed about them and asked about the current ones they have in stock
  11. You'll love it so much. No doubt one of my most favorite pieces ever.
  12. Post up a milk shot man

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