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    After going through many threads on grasscity, many has recommended SSFG and I knew I had to get one.

    I got a Travel Beaker with showerhead downstem and disk diffused slide which is definitely value for money upgrades. It's our very first bong since my girlfriend always find Incredibowl m420 too harsh even if I be her Incredibowl's Incredibowl :D

    Allison from SSFG has been tremendous, I don't know how she do it but I always get her replies within hours and very patient with a lot of my silly questions. The bong itself is nicely build and feel very sturdy, I accidentally dropped it on my table few days ago and no cracks nor scratches, glad I got a quality bong rather than those china made cheap glasses.

    Highly recommended, keep up the great work SSFG! :smoking:
  2. Love it bro. Simple yet sophisticated, clean, and compact. I'd snag one of those in a heartbeat. How much did it run you?
  3. Thanks man, I was aiming for their Gridded Stemline Hybrid or a Travel Beaker + Inline Ashcatcher setup but I'm too broke :D

    Anyway the travel beaker I got was $60 with showerhead diffuser ($15) and disc diffused slide ($25) so it total up to $100 for everything excluding shipping. The upgrades is definitely value for money :smoking:
  4. Allison does indeed rock - ordered a new piece from them again today.
  5. How tall is that bad boy?

  6. 8-10 inches
  7. If you ever get into errl that will make a nice little rig. Compact size and minimal diffusion ftw!

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