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  1. I'm new here, not exactly sure what to say. I like to debate some topics, religion mostly. I'm a Christian, hopefully that doesn't offend anyone here. I seem to get the feeling "its wrong, because..." bs, and I don't know what type of people are on these type of forums. I'm a Daily smoker.. yea that's all I got >.< 

  2. Welcome !! Your in good company ! Help any way I can !
  3. Your religious beliefs shouldn't be a problem I wouldn't think. I'm an atheist and personally the idea of you believing something different doesn't disturb me any more than it would if you were into knitting and I wasn't, or any other difference in hobby, lifestyle or belief. As long as it's not being pushed aggressively I really don't care and I'm not sure why anyone else would.
    Welcome to the boards.
  4. Hi Butterfly :) Glad to have you here. Welcome!
  5. Welcome to GC.
    there's a lot of debates on religion on GC. I don't get into them, cuz nobody wins, ever. But I think your side of the debate could use your help. 
    You have plants growing? log your progress in the journal section. Have fun!

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