Squeezing my brain.

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by dankzombie, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Is there a purpose behind squeezing your brain?
  2. To wring all the juice out?
  3. Squeezing your brain is kinda like when you're taking a huge dump and you use your force to expel the fecal matter and you hear a sound in your head.

  4. I think you squeezed your brain too much.
  5. to kill your brain cells.
  6. I read that it can be used to astral project but I want to know if it has any other use kinda like an introduction to telepathy.
  7. Lol what
  8. lol wutdafuq are you doin to yourself man? That doesn't sound healthy.

    To quote you: "I don't understand."

  9. haha I'm not literally squeezing my brain but is like if you tried to move an object with your mind you concentrate on it and squeeze your brain haha I really can't explain it better.
  10. i understand.!! I
  11. Don't force the blood to your head. You'll cause a brain aneurysm. I know from experience.

  12. Oh! So that's what it is! Do you know of any other use besides causing harm?
  13. Um I think that's called focus... not brain squeezing... and yes, I believe that concentration and focus are integral in living a successful life

  14. But according to orenji it causes brain aneurysm. What a twist!

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