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  1. Hey
    I need help. :laughing:
    I can only start seedlings outdoor, so, i should directly do it on a pot and see what happens or buy a small greennhouse just for sprouting and the first weeks?
    I saw that greenhouses causes many humidity and that makes many fungus appear and may cause root rot
    So i'm asking you guys help on this one :p
    greenhouse im planning to buy(if i buy):

  2. use 2 or 3 litre bottles with the bottoms cut off. they are free and if u had to buy super cheap! just take the cap off and your set. Plant them in the ground if u can, better then pots imo.
  3. Yes but i was with the ideia of greenhouse not only for humidty but also to protect the little seedlings before they get bigger. With this, it offers bird protection, any animal, and they are in good conditions for the first days and maybe week, then she is safe to go out of the box and be healthy or i'm wrong? xD
  4. soda bottles would do the same thing! once u cut the bottom off of it, u push it down into the ground, so it stays where its at. With the cap removed, it is like a vent allowing air in and out. Some people even drill a few holes in the side for more airflow and so that the wind will help make the stems stronger. This is the idea here. The bigger the bottle, the longer u can keep the plant inside it. 3litre bottles are best if u can find them! Also if u would need more humidity (for germing) u can leave the cap on to allow condensation on the inside more!
  5. Go with what Tweakz said, in the ground with soda bottles. No need to spend unnecessary money on a greenhouse but I mean if you really want to go ahead.
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    Yep i problably will do that instead. i can save some money  :hello:
    Thank you man!
    EDIT: Aprox. how many time can i keep it on a 3 litter bottle, i wish to protect the seedlings at least until they get 2 sets of leafs...
  7. I don't like the leaves smashed against the bottle so the bigger the bottle the better.
  8. Make sure you put a lot of holes in the bottle if not you will have problems with fungus. Depending on your climate the lid off won't be enough.
    Yes , i don't want that. My last grow that happened to many plants.  If i buy the box do you think that after they pop if i open both "doors" they would be fine?
    I may go to the bottles, but this is my concern  :mad:
    Correct me if im wrong, you need humidity just for them to pop out, then i can let the airflow right?
  10. keep moist until they come out
    when I sprouted outdoors, I used a crate I attached on a bush (to avoid slugs etc), not far from home, so I could mist until they popped.
    then you don't need a greenhouse, as it's hot out (it would hurt them = too hot)
    you can also sprout them at home as they don't need much sun light in the first days (while they're emerging), then you could place them in the elevated crate nearby or on the floor but use slug repellant as they will be eaten if left alone (especially after rains careful that's when the slugs/snails come out)
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    I will pop them out on a old box i have at home, then i will put them on a openned box hanged on a tree with direct sunlight.
    Then, no bugs etc..., for the birds i will put a fence on the box ( remains light and no birds )...
    when they are about 2 weeks old i put them on the ground
    Thank you corto i just saved some money 
    Nice to see you still here, didn't forgot the plant i promise last year :p
  12. No problem Portuguese, always glad to help out. I don't think the birds would eat your seedlings (birds don't eat mj!). Have a good one.

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