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  1. So I properly planted 2 master kush seeds lastnight in fairly moist soil after germination and I put my my 100watt reveal light bulbs about a couple inches above the soil. The light and the lamp is pretty hott. Am I frying my little seeds? The Soil seems to be completly dry on the top lawyer and a lil moist about an inch under. Should I move my lights further away? How long will it take for those babys to sprout, I have a fan running btw also

  2. 100watt reveal light bulb? Meaning incandescent? Wrong light -- you have more reading to do.
  3. Thats what I thought. I have some 75 watt soft white. Should I switch those out?
  4. no, take toasty's advice. use the search button ;)
  5. You need special bulbs, i believe halogin bulbs worth the best(sorry i cant spell)
  6. i believe your completely wrong. halogen is NOT a good growing light. far too much heat to light ratio. compact fluorescents is the way to go
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    these are no good. dont bother with them

    those are what you want. i cant tell by the packaging if they are daylights or soft whites, but you want the daylight bulbs [6500k] for vegging, then later when you put them into flowering you will want to use the soft whites [2700k]
  8. Okay I understand. I switched my cfl's back in. The CFL's are alot cooler. But Imma need more sockets to place lightbulbs in. I have a couple of Y connectors but they cant fit into my lamp. Is there such thing as an electrical Light socket that plugs directly into an electrical outlet so I can place my Y connectors in them?
  9. yes there are. take a trip to lowe's or home depot, in the lighting section they have hundreds of connectors, fixtures, ect. you can find just about anything you can think up
  10. Halogen does nothing put emit heat, notice the clear bulb? Means Clear light. No help.


    Those are the real cfl's we should be using because theyre 400w equiv but come at a price. Just like anything that has to do with cultivation, but those are a GOOD buy for growing.:smoking: Stay Up:smoking:
  11. Here is what you need to go off of...


    ...Thats the color spectrum chart put against photosynthesis and what color light makes more action in a plant...notice a HPS light glows orange, and a Metal Halide glows blue, HPS for Flower and MH for Veg. Your trying to minipulate the seasons the plant grows, if you havent noticed.
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    I used to use those with my bonsai tree, they will work fine for sprouts. Although, once the sprouts start getting bigger you will need to get lights that produce light in the 5000k+ temperature spectrum (aka daylight bulbs) you can get some conventional tubes from home depot for about 8 dollars a bulb and they have the fixtures too. Right bulbs will help the plant from stretching out too much. Also read grandpa's grow guide, I've had 6 sprouts from bag seeds and I'm planning on going that route.

    grandpa's grow guide: http://forum.grasscity.com/absolute-beginners/73015-grandpas-grow-guide.html
    kamel's cfl guide: http://forum.grasscity.com/general-indoor-growing/122824-kamels-cfl-guide.html
    enjoy hope this helps
  13. OK I have the light problem taken care of.

    Can Somone answer my intial question regarding sprouting?
  14. It can Sprout 5 leaf pot leaves in about 2 weeks to 4 weeks, pending your setup, and strain. BTW the bottom two leaves that dont resemble pot will fall off in time because they only feed the plant while sprouting, sugars and such.:smoking:
  15. Be patient and watch the magic of the universe unfold.

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