sprouting issues?

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  1. its ben so far 4 days since i put the seeds in the soil and under the lights, so far only one sprouted and its about 1 inch out of 5 plants, that leaves 4 plants growing still? well i was wondering after a number of days is your plant just dead or they will sprout no matter what? or what can i do about this sprouting issue!
  2. Do a little reading man, its not unnatural for sprouting to take much much longer. If you want a successful grow, hit the information.

    They might be dead, but they might just be slower.
  3. I'm having a similar problem. It's been like 5 days...nothing. I got impatient and dug up one seed to see if anything was actually happening. Unfortunately, the seed hasn't sprouted. I popped it open and inside is a lil white thing with a small amount of green(I'm assuming future leaves) attached. I hope that means they're growing and just taking forever to sprout. However, this is the second seed I've popped over the course of 3 days, both have looked the same with no observable differences. Can you specify what you mean by "much, much longer"? How do you know if the seed is dead? Also, my seeds were green when I put them in soil or attempted germinating them but now they are brown...does this mean anything at all? :confused:

    Sorry to hijack your post xmelanko, but no one wants to reply to mine. Anyways, I hope your seeds sprout man, and look at the bright side, growing pot is a good way to work on your patience.
  4. Just make sure you keep the soil moist, but not soaked, at all times until they break through the surface.

    When I get seeds, I first soak them in chlorine free water for 24 hours and from there they go into a tupperware container with wet paper towels on top of my Tivo until the taproots are 1/4 to 1/2 inch and from there they go into the soil mixture.

    I don't even put them under lights or in the grow room until they break through the soil. While I wait for them to surface I mist them 2-3 times a day to make sure they don't dry out. In future stages its bad to always have it damp but at this point in germination, a dry spell means death for the seedlings. As soon as they pop through, under the light they go.

    Hope this helps.
  5. >_>

    So you shouldn't put them under lights before they break the surface???
  6. just use paper towels, read the germination 420 guide at the top of this forum that way you won't be 2nd guessing if they're gonna germinate.
  7. You can put them under the lights if you want, but the seedling is using stored energy from the seed to get that boost of energy to propel them up through the soil, not your light. Your light can help and hurt them at the same time at this stage. They can help by keeping the soil warm if growing in a cold area but they can also hurt by drying out your soil too fast.

    Once they pop through and the first cotlydons emege, then photosynthesis begins and that when your lights start serving a purpose and at which the plants cannot survive without.
  8. Hmm...interesting. Well, I just took half my planted seeds out from under the lights and placed them on my dresser. The soil is a little warm but it's still moist because I covered the party cups with sandwich bags when I planted the seeds. Seeing as I've nothing really to lose, I'm going to leave half in the growroom under CFLs and half out on my dresser(room is well illuminated by sunlight, will this matter?) to see which batch will sprout first.

    Thanks for the hasty response, Cronaholic.
  9. I think both groups will sprout just as fast.

    Just be watching the ones under the CFLs a little closer to make sure they don't dry out.

    And as soon as you see them pop through the soil, get 'em under your lights.

    Good luck :)
  10. alright GrandPewpil, me and him have the same exact problem... well the thing with me is that one of mine has actually sprouted through the soil and growing well while other four has not, so what should i do iono whats gonna happen they are under CFL and i actually done hte water paper towel and some of the seeds crack so i put them tip down so yeah thast my story

    heres a picture...
  11. xmelanko:

    I think you are doing just fine. Don't mess with them too much and make sure the ones that still underground don't dry out and don't get flooded.
  12. haha i put water on that clear plastic pot holder, and the plant sucked the water from the bottom which was pretty cool i think this is very effective!
  13. hmm, its been another day now which the other 4 pots havnt sprouted, you think i should just dump them or nah? cause its almost a week and nothing has sprouted so iono wahts gonna happen.
  14. I'm in the same boat as you, xmelanko...except none of mine have sprouted. -_-;

    I'm holding off on investigating what's going on with them until tomorrow. I hope they sprout...but I doubt they will because they are bag seeds.

    Hey Cronaholic, how much did you pay for your Widow seeds?
  15. GrandPewpil - I ordered my Widow seeds from Nirvana-shop and with shipping they were about $35.00 US.

    I got my seeds yesterday and soaked 6 of them for about 16 hours in some room temperature chlorine free tap water and this morning when I woke up I put them into a sealed tupperware container between moist paper towels on top of my modem.

    Checking a few minutes ago it looks like 2 of the seeds are already splitting open and by tomorrow morning they will go into pots already prepared for them.
  16. OK guys, while germination usually is 2-6 days, it could take as long as 10-14 days. Since you are starting in soil you can't see when germination happens, so you could need to wait another couple of days for the sprout to break the surface -- the stem doesn't always figure out which way is up right away.

    What are your ambient temps? Germination usually happens a little quicker if you can gently warm the area to about 85-88.

    Also, what kind of soil are you using? If it is pre-loaded with ferts or you have added ferts (whether chemical or organic) it could burn the babies right as they crack.

    I prefer the paper towel method to germ because you can control it better: you see when germination happens, it's easier to warm the seeds than when they are in soil, easier to keep them consistently moist but not over-wet than when they are in soil, there's nothing to burn them, and when they have germed you can place them in the soil right side up.
  17. i dumped it and found the seeds and i am gonna reuse the soil cause its pretty damp still but yeah i am using hte paper towel method till i see roots coming out this time!
  18. while i was dumping out the seeds, perviously i had the same exact problem but it was 2 pots. In one of the pots i found the seed and the other i couldnt and i was gonna reuse the soil, so my mom put it by the window. GUESS WHAT! the one i didnt find the seeed sprouted when i was putting the other 4 by the window so i can reuse the soil and i was like holy shit but the plant stretched out for a bit of light so i had to immediatly put it under the lights!

    GOOD SHIT =)
  19. Well, I dumped out my seeds this morning and discovered none had sprouted. I guess they were dead to begin with because I tried three different germination methods with 15 seeds and not a single seed popped open. I'm too broke to order seeds right now, so I guess I'll have to postpone growing my own bud.
  20. good luck, GrandPewpil, hehe

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