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  1. right so i germed my seeds and at the miniute all is going well the temp in the box hovers around 85 which from what i have read is a good height i have one intake fan and a dual 125w cfl which has 2700k and a 6500k spectrums seems to be working pretty well at the minute anyway planning on getting a outake fan when i get round to it i was just wondering now the seeds have sprouted can i have the light on 24/7 or can i 18/6 them? i am growing lowryder 1 and should i move the plants closer to the light? or keep them where they are? they are about 6 inches away at the moment because they kick out a fair bit of heat and i dont know if they will burn?
    appart from this i think my first grow is going well im really nervous about the whole thing i have never grown anything in my life and i start off with this lol
    thanks in advance for help

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  2. You can go ahead and move the light a bit closer to the plants. CFL's dont warm that much, and doesent burn the plants that easy ;)
  3. thanks for the advice has been done anyone else know about what lighting i should give them? 18/6? or 24?
  4. i just started my first sprout and left the light straight for the first two days since it sprouted. there wasnt really any damage, it grew quite a bit quicker than i expected. i didnt even know it sprouted and one day i check it out and its two inches tall with two cotyledon and 2 nice pot leaves.

    the only thing i seemed to notice is that the plant seemed to be abnormally tall. the stem seemed to grow faster than the leaves, like it was reaching toward the light. when i turned the light off for a few hours the leaves seemed to grow more. i would suggest using 18/6 instead of 24/0. im certainly no expert, more of a noob, but it seems logical that the plant would reach towards the light more when its on all day. if your using HID lights i would suggest turning them off, let them cool down.

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