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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by GanjaManja2012, May 29, 2009.

  1. Okay so today is thursday and monday is the day that i planted my seed but i didnt germinate it i did it the old fashion way becuz when u hear a seed wrip off of a paper towel that dosent seem like the best sound or way to germinate a seed etc.

    I planted it into a party cup and no progress has shown yet. i just started today to heat it up a bit with a mini fan. Also ive been watering it becuz it gets dry every now and then etc.

    My question is should i poke thru the soil to see if the seed has got its root yet or shud i just hold tight and just keep putting the fan on it to warm it up.

    - will warmth help it speed up its process even tho it hasnt sprouted yet?!?!
  2. You should just leave it alone and give it time I say. I believe humidity is a bigger issue. you should water the soil and cover the top of the pot to trap the humidity... once the sprout welcomes to the world :hello::smoking::wave:, turn them lights on and get it going!
  3. Yep yep i have ceran wrap on top of the party cup ...do u think i should be warming it up with a heater a bit tho?1

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