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    My new sprout, just wondering how everything's looking?
  2. Looking good man. Indoor or outdoor?

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  3. Indoor

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  4. Know that it's going to take a long time for that little plant to grow much. The first thing they do after they germinate or get transplanted is build a root system. Until the plant gets finished with this most important work, the foliage just sits there and waits. That's why the whole thing progresses faster if you start them in very small containers like Solo cups. By confining the root space, it takes less time to root in and can go back to throwing energy at growing the foliage of the plant. Also, you will need no nutes for a long time either. Nutes are supposed to be started when the plant has had time to use up the nutes that come naturally in the soil. A little plant in a big pot means that it's going to take it a WHILE to use up the nutrients in that soil. It will also use very little water until it is rooted in and more stable and grows a bit overall. So do not give this plant any water until the container it's in feels like it is DEAD DRY. They don't like having their roots sitting around in moist conditions all the time. Next time, start them in Solo cups. Leave them in those until the plant itself is wider and taller than the cup it's in. This typically means the plant is just slightly root bound, which is what you're going for with a transplant. Take them up one size container...again, confining the root space to require less time to root in. Continue to follow this process till you get the plant in the size container you wish to flower it off in. By doing it this way, the need for nutes is cut drastically since with each new pot you get a fresh batch of soil and resupply of nutes. Over watering is the biggest problem new growers have because they don't allow the containers to dry out before watering again. They also want to give nutes too soon most of the time and end up burning their plants with the stuff. During veg, if you're using good soil, adequate light, understand how to water and pot your plant and correctly pH the water you use into proper range (6.3 to 6.7 for soil grows) so you don't lock up the roots on your plants, you should breeze through. Read up on giving nutes while veg is happening so when it's time to start them you understand what you're doing and why you're doing it. Good luck! TWW
  5. Looks good. I'd get rid of those water droplets though, if they sit under an indoor light you may run into burn spots or bleaching.

    Looking forward to seeing how it progresses!
  6. Thank you for telling me I didn't know that, I'll keep updates posted!

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