Sprout died...why?

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  1. So i have planted a few lowryders and i have them under about 300 watt cfls i germinated the seeds correctly and transplanted to party cups carefully. It had just sprouted last night so i took the moisture locking plastic of the cup and i woke up this morning to turn off the lights and saw that it looked shriveled and dead. I have them in fox farm happy frog soil. Im not really sure why this happened?
  2. also i watered it a little because it seemed dry...could it pop back up or is there no hope?
  3. Do you have any pics?
  4. maybe you sufficated it, ran outa air
  5. how close were the lights to the plants? seedlings are very sensitive and don't need strong light at all for a few days so it can grow some good roots. Never let the seedling completely dry out and I have even heard of keeping autos in cups in a dark area with some moving air for the first couple of days. Did you sprinkle about 1/4 inch of loose soil on top of the seed and dripped some water on it or put more soil and poured and compacted? Everyone makes mistakes but try to figure out the problem before you do a new batch and yes if seedlings dry out they die so light needs to be weak. If you were to veg some plants or clones inside for an outside grow and put them in direct sunlight, they would prolly die as they need to be shaded a little so they can adjust from our crappy lights we use inside to mother nature's free electricity. Another thing that came to mind is do you soak the seeds and did you pre-split them? Pics of the seed would help but check and see if the seedling couldn't get rid of its shell too and autos are very sensitive in general
  6. was it too wet or too dry? too much heat or not enough? too low humidity? they like moisture man.
    get a timer too. manually turning lights on and off kind of sucks. your plants, eventually, will like a strict light schedule. i dont know. maybe that manual shit works.
  7. Here is a pic of the 1st sprout that seems to be doing ok. There are 2 other there that havent sprouted yet. I dont think you can see it but there is also a fan. I decided that the one that died is definitely not coming back to life. As a few people pointed out my lights may have been too close and intense for the early stages. I moved them back and turned 2 of them off. There is condensation on the top of the bags for the other 2 which leads me to believe the moisture is fine. I also dont think that the temp is too hot or cold. Im really not sure why the sprout died...:(

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  8. My guess on cause of death is either too dry or too hot, or both.

    300w CFLs? Is that actual watts or equivalent watts? How many bulbs is that? And for how many plants?
  9. it was two 23 watt(100 equivalent) and 3 60 watt it was for 4 plants but now that one died, so 3 for right now.

    But one of them seemed to be able to do ok with the lights and temp that I had going. Is that one just unordinarily resilient?

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